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Sound Control SE Basic Sound Effects Library
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Sound Control SE Basic Sound Effects Library

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Pristine, clean and perfectly recorded sounds.

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This general library is the from Sound Control SE, a Sweden-based company under the direction of sound design dynamo Ken Skoglund, whose major credits include Expedition Bismarck (James Cameron) and the 3D Imax movie Aliens of the Deep.

Citing a lack of proper audio elements available for his own movie work, Ken turned his dissatisfaction into inspiration. The result is a sharp, compact gamut of 1,890 sound effects that prize diversity and richness as its measure of quality. You'll find curious snippets of dialogue, crowd ambiences, cars whooshing by, the impact of assorted body-slams on a professional wrestling mat, waves rolling across Malibu beach, and a Zamboni machine sweeping a hockey rink—a formidable range of sound effects categories, whether you're just starting out or a post-production vet.