Surround Sound

Surround Sound

Multi-channel sound effects ranging from ambiences to production elements and LFE delivered as 5.1 or 7.1 surround in high definition formats.

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  1. Room Tones V01

    Room Tones V01

    Includes The Room Tones Sound Library & IR1 Impulse Response Set Learn More
  2. Tibetan Monasteries

    Tibetan Monasteries

    Recordings from the everyday monastic environment of Tibetan monks. Learn More
  3. IR1 Impulse Response Set V1.10

    IR1 Impulse Response Set V1.10

    Create true surround and 3D sound with multi-channel impulse responses Learn More
  4. Industrial 5.1 Room Tones

    Industrial 5.1 Room Tones

    **available for DOWNLOAD only** Learn More
  5. Revolver 5.1 Production Elements

    Revolver 5.1 Production Elements

    Hi-Def 5.1 Surround Production Elements Learn More
  6. Trains - Stereo & Surround Bundle

    Trains - Stereo & Surround Bundle

    Get great Stereo and Surround Trains sound effects for your next project! Learn More
  7. Ambience 5.1 Collection

    Ambience 5.1 Collection

    5.1 Surround Ambiences Learn More
  8. City Sounds - Munich Atmospheres Collection

    City Sounds - Munich Atmospheres Collection

    A DVD of over 50 tracks and 100+ minutes of 5.1 Surround ambiences. 

    Learn More
  9. Ambient Textures Vol. 1

    Ambient Textures Vol. 1

    7.1 Surround Sonic Textures

    Learn More

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    Special Price: $495.00

  10. Civilisation Soundscapes

    Civilisation Soundscapes

    Surround Sound Recordings from Everday Life Learn More
  11. Industrial Soundscapes

    Industrial Soundscapes

    5.1 Surround Industrial Soundscapes Learn More

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