Starter FX Sound Effects Download Pack

by Blastwave FX
  • Starter FX Sound Effects Download
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Starter FX Sound Effects Download Pack

Start with the the Starter FX Sound Effects Download from Blastwave FX. This download pack is designed to cover your basic sound effects needs and includes most commonly used sound effects for maximium utility! Audition, view the pdf track listings, purchase and instantly download!

All sound effects were pristinely recorded in high definition at 24 bit/96k and are delivered to you as stereo mp3 files (all together in one nice .zip file!). All files contain descriptive embedded metadata and are compatible with iTunes, Soundminer, NetMix, Pro Tools and any other other software and sound library search engines.

HOW DOWNLOAD PURCHASES WORK: When complete your purchase, you will be directed to your account page, which will display your download link. You are allowed to re-download up to 5 times - a great feature if you want to remotely access the sound effects downloads you have purchased from Pro Sound Effects! There are obviously NO Shipping charges for download purchases

Price: $39.00
Price: $39.00

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