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The Aviation Collection
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The Aviation Collection

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Rare Aircrafts from Spitfires to Wirraways

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The Aviation Collection library was produced by game sound design expert Stephan Schütze. It contains some of the rarest aircrafts on Earth captured for the first time as high resolution digital recordings.

Schütze creates all his libraries guided by the age-old maxim that “all things that last must have a strong foundation”. Over 3000 sound effects of some of the most significant civil and military aircraft ever to fly. Over 60 different fixed wing and rotary aircraft covering the history of aviation.

This library includes two different model Spitfires, P51 Mustang, P40 Kittyhawk, one of the three remaining CAC Boomerangs in the world, three of the remaining six Wirraways in the world, the only Avon powered Sabre Jet in the world, a Lockheed Super Constellation, Lockheed Hudson and many, many more.

“There is no other sound on earth like the sound of a Spitfire as it roars past you. To the citizens of London it was the sound of salvation, to the pilots that opposed it; it was the sound of dread. Flight has always captured our imagination, the sounds of these aircraft only add to that magic. ”

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Aviation Collection photo 1 Stephan Schutze

Yakovlev Yak-52 (Як-52) (1977)

Aviation Collection photo 2 Stephan Schutze

Dehaviland DH82A Tigermoth (1936)