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The Foundation Sound Effects Elements
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The Foundation Sound Effects Elements

Quick Overview

Building Blocks for Sound Design

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The Foundation Elements Library is the work of Australian game sound design expert Stephan Schütze. It includes thousands of audio “elements” or sound bytes from which an almost infinite number of sound events can be crafted. Catalogued into material types such as wood, metal, glass and stone, subtitled by actions: impacts, scrapes, shatters and breaks, these materials may be shaped into highly complex and bespoke audio events. The Foundation Elements also includes more abstract objects such as sweeps, drones, pulses and surges.  Used extensively in interactive games as well as educational institutions, this library is also an invaluable tool for the more traditional film and television mediums.

Foundation Elements was designed in consultation with leading Game Industry sound designers, and in response to demand, this library includes multiple takes of each sound event to maximize the creative potential of the sounds. Note: All the sounds in The Foundation Elements Library are included as part of The Foundation Library

Pro Sound Effects is proud to be the exclusive worldwide distributor and licensor for the Foundation Catalog. Contact us for inquiries on multi-user licensing, custom application licensing and distribution opportunities.

Download excel track listings for the Foundation Elements Library
Download 25 Free Sound Effects (16/48) from the Foundation Library
Check out the Foundation Demo Video


  • 5,058 sound effects (5.48 GB)
  • 16 / 48 broadcast .wav files
  • Universally compatible embedded metadata
  • Download (USB Flash Drive version available for an additional $30)
  • Mac and PC compatible

More Features:

  • General sounds collected in Australia, Asia and North America
  • Unusual sounds that expand upon the basics
  • Consulted professional game designers while cultivating the library to fit their needs
  • Thousands of sound bytes (elements), created specifically to foster the creation of bespoke sound effects and optimized for real time generated performance
  • Used heavily as an professional educational teaching and student production resource
  • Used in mainstream Xbox 306, Playstation, iPhone and PC titles 

Student Discount: 75% off, $125, non-commercial license
email to place the student discount order
upgrade path to commercial license available  

Stephan Schutze's Credentials:

  • Leading FMOD designer
  • Award winning composer (Jurassic Park Operation Genesis)
  • Contributor to: Organized Sound and Gems 7 publications
  • Lecturer at: Australian Game Developer's Conference, Australian Film Television and Radio School, Melbourne University, Digital Media Fund, The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Freeplay and Games Connect Asia Pacific
  • Former Australian Defense Force musician