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The Foundation Sound Effects Highlights
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The Foundation Sound Effects Highlights

Quick Overview

Compact Collection of both General and Rare Sounds


The Foundation Library Highlights includes 101 of the most popular sounds from the Foundation Sound Effects Library collection. This sample collection provides a range of high quality, dynamic sound events useful for any form of media. The sounds come from a broad range of subjects and locations and include many difficult to obtain sound effects.

View the excel track listing for the Foundation Library Highlights.
Download 25 free sound effects (16/48) from the Foundation Library
Check out the Foundation Demo Video.

The sounds are delivered to you as stereo 16 bit / 48kHz .wav files (all together in one nice .zip file!). All files contain descriptive embedded metadata and are compatible with iTunes, Soundminer, NetMix, Pro Tools and any other other software and sound library search engines.

HOW DOWNLOAD PURCHASES WORK: When complete your purchase, you will be directed to your account page, which will display your download link. You are allowed to re-download up to 5 times - a great feature if you want to remotely access the sound effects downloads you have purchased from Pro Sound Effects! There are obviously NO Shipping charges for download purchases 

More Features:

  • General sounds collected in Australia, Asia and Europe
  • Unusual sounds that expand on the basics
  • Consulted professional game designers while cultivating the library to fit their needs
  • Includes sound bytes (elements), created specifically to foster the creation of bespoke sound effects and optimized for real time generated performance
  • Used heavily as an professional educational teaching and student production resource
  • Used in mainstream Xbox 306, Playstation, iPhone and PC titles 

Stephan Schütze's Credentials:

  • Leading FMOD designer
  • Award winning composer (Jurassic Park Operation Genesis)
  • Contributor to: Organized Sound and Gems 7 publications
  • Lecturer at: Australian Game Developer's Conference, Australian Film Television and Radio School, Melbourne University, Digital Media Fund, The Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology and Freeplay and Games Connect Asia Pacific
  • Former Australian Defense Force musician