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American Zoetrope Collection

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American Zoetrope and The Hollywood Edge have joined forces to extend their collection of epic sound effects, all from the sound vault of Francis Ford Coppola’s San Francisco motion picture studio.

This 7-disc collection contains hundreds of original vehicle and moving machine sounds, recorded for the soundtracks of a wide range of films from war pictures to period dramas.

Specific cars including Mustangs, Buicks, Lincolns, Pontiacs, Impalas, Corvairs, Falcons and the limited-production Tucker are included. Several foreign models are also represented. General car types such as limos, taxis, ambulances, emergency vehicles, hot-rods and muscle cars are featured. Vehicle sounds were recorded on road-surfaces ranging from gravel, dirt, city streets, highway and wet pavement at varying speeds: racing, slow driving, stalled and steady. Isolated car sounds are included such as wipers, doors, trunks, horns, tire peel-outs and blow-outs. Finally, there are bonus moving vehicle sounds including motorcycles, trucks, trains, tugboats, ferries, subway cars, and related ambiences. Most recordings are in stereo, several are dual perspective.

This second installment in the American Zoetrope Sound Effects Collection series, which follows the release of "Apocalypse Now" collection, will provide many essential effect for the professional sound designer’s toolkit.