Avid | Pro Sound Effects First Download


Need help getting started with your new sound effects library?

Pro Sound Effects has partnered with Avid to bring you the Pro Sound Effects First Library.

Getting started with Pro Tools

Getting started with Media Composer


How do I download the library?

→ Locate the code specific to your library and enter it on the redemption page, along with your name and email address. We will email you with a link to download the library. 

→ For Pro Tools, enter your code here

→ For Media Composer, enter your code here

Where do I find my code?

→ Log in to your My Avid account to locate your code, or find it in your confirmation email from Avid. Your code starts with “PT…” or “MC…”

I never got my email with the download link.

→ Contact support@prosoundeffects.com and we will send you the link.

How can I use these sounds? Does the library come with a sampler?

→ Our libraries are comprised of .wav files and can be used as you would use any other audio file (import into the sampler of your choice, drag and drop directly into your DAW or video editor, etc)

Are the sounds compatible with my software?

→ Our sounds work with any software that can import .wav files, including: Pro Tools, Media Composer, Soundminer, Soundly, Basehead, Premiere, Final Cut, Logic, Reaper, Reason, Ableton.

How can I use these sounds? Do I have to credit Pro Sound Effects?

→ Our sounds are royalty-free, and the library is covered under our Individual End User License Agreement. You don’t have to credit us on your project (though you are more than welcome to if you’d like).

For any additional questions on usage, feel free to check out our General FAQ


Getting started in Pro Tools:

→ Open Pro Tools.

→ Open “Preferences” and go to the Operations tab. Select your default “Sound Libraries” location. If you already have a location set, move the Pro Sound Effects | First library to within this folder.

→ For more info, check out this blog post: Pro Tools Workspace and Soundbase for Sound Effects Editors

→ Go to “Window” then “New Workspace” and “Soundbase”.

→ This will open up the Workspace window. Within this window you can now find the location of your library within the “Locations” browser at the bottom left, search by category or tag words via the search bar, and preview sounds before dragging and dropping them into a session.

→ Additionally, you can tag sounds with new search words and additional categories by right-clicking on a sound and selecting “Tags…” from the drop down menu.

Questions? Let us know at support@prosoundeffects.com


Getting started in Media Composer:

→ Open Media Composer and create a new project.

→ To find your the Pro Sound Effects | First library, go to the “Timeline” dropdown menu, then select “Source Browser”. Within the Source Browser, determine the location of the library.

→ Drag and drop audio files to a bin.

→ Preview and select desired sound effects from the bin. To preview, double click the files and they will appear in the Source window.

→ Once you’ve selected a sound you want to use in a project, drag and drop the file onto a new audio layer on the timeline.

Questions? Let us know at support@prosoundeffects.com