Tom Fleischman Talks Old School Sound Effect Libraries

September 21, 2012 by PSE in Audio Branding, Events and Parties, How-To, Interactive Media, Interviews, Sound Design, Sound Effects

Tom Fleischman Talks Old School Sound Effect Libraries

Last night I attended “Music and Audio for Film,” a panel discussion held in the NYC SOHO Apple Store featuring Academy Award Winner (most recently for Hugo) Tom Fleischman.

I came across a podcast Tom partook in with Hollywood-based 123 Film Easy. He spends some time discussing his entry into the sound-for-film world during the 1970s; well before the advent of the compact disc, OxiClean, or the Bowflex – let alone the mp3.

Back in this borderline-horrible epoch, old school sound effect libraries were cataloged to magnetic tape. Tom discusses the blood, sweat and tears that went into the task: “painstaking work” that demanded listening, list-making, splicing and editing the tape, categorizing… until after three months he had edited together his first sound effects library.  In these days, even after the library was compiled, a librarian needed to find the tape that held the sound effects as per an editor’s request.  Then, the editor/mix engineer had to set up the tape and re-record it into their mix.

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Nowadays we have DAWs, non-destructive editing and embedded metadata: sound editors can simply type in the sound they’re looking for,  audition with a click, then drag and drop into Pro Tools (or whatever editing platform your heart desires).

We sometimes take for granted how technology streamlines the sound editing and mixing process, which is why I found Tom’s anecdote worthwhile. At Pro Sound Effects we know how crucial it is to have the right sound effects at your fingertips, as some of us (myself included) also work in the trenches as sound editors and mixers.  Whether cutting sfx for spots, webisodes, reality or traditional film, you’ll find our carefully selected sound effects libraries as invaluable as we do.  Visit the Pro Sound Effects Online Library for easy-to-find and quick-to-use sounds.