Audition Sounds from the Sonopedia 3.0 Upgrade

July 9, 2014 by Andrew Emge in Sound Effects

Audition Sounds from the Sonopedia 3.0 Upgrade

Already an owner of Sonopedia 2.0? Been thinking about upgrading to Sonopedia 3.0?

You can now audition all 16,000 new sound effects included in the 3.0 upgrade at before deciding! Each individual sound effect is also available for royalty-free licensing.

Sonopedia 3.0 is a massive upgrade to the encyclopedia of HD sound effects. Now with over 40,000 royalty-free sound effects ranging from Alligators to Zombies, Sonopedia 3.0 is the professional sound effects library for high definition media production. Key features in the upgrade include:

  • Over 16,000 new sound effects
  • Improved Metadata
  • Sound Effects Loops
  • More variety in takes (distance, velocity, duration)
  • The only General HD Sound Effects Library to include a suite of Production Elements
  • Sound effects from specialty products like Zombie ApocalypseApp FXGuns Reloaded, The Sound Effects Bible Hard Drive and Heroes & Villains.

To purchase the Sonopedia 3.0 Upgrade email

Here are some examples of new sound effects featured in the upgrade:

Horrifying growls and snarls from the Zombie Apocalypse Library…

Unique and intriguing sounds and stingers from the suite of Production Elements…

And tons of new ambiences from around the globe…