Blastwave FX Halloween Sound Design Competition Rules & FAQ

October 10, 2011 by Jeremy Siegel in Blastwave FX, Contests

Blastwave FX Halloween Sound Design Competition Rules & FAQ

Trick or Treat, people, Halloween is around the corner! Our friends at Blastwave FX are kicking off the holiday season with an extra festive sound design competition with a grand prize of SONOPEDIA 2.0! That’s right, a 30-second ghoul-ridden, monster-mashing, spook-fest of a piece can win you a $3999 cutting edge sound effects library for FREE.

We have had a number of inquiries about the rules of the contest and how to submit entries, so I thought I would address a few of the specific issues that have come up so as to clear up any confusion.

Halloween Sound Design Competition FAQ:

1.  Any recorded voice is be allowed (singing, voice over narration, dialogue, etc.), but not your own foley or other sound effects for use in the contest.

2. You may NOT use your own original music in the piece. Blastwave FX sounds only!

3. If you have trouble unzipping your free Power Pack with the Mac Archive Utility, try using StuffIt or another third-party expander.

3. To submit your piece, zip and email it to, with the subject line reading “Halloween Competition Submission YourLastName.”

Here are the complete rules to the contest, in case your browser cuts them off on the Blastwave FX page:

• The soundtrack can be abstract or literal, surreal or real, but the theme of Halloween, fright, horror and scary must be a strong component.

• You may only use sounds from Blastwave FX, in addition to any voice-over you choose to record. You may not use your own sound effects or music in the competition. Once you register you will receive a coupon code to download a free Power Pack to use in your entry.

• Judging Criteria: The judges will evaluate entries based on creative use of sound effects and how high they jumped in their chairs due to the bejeezus being scared out of them.

• The piece should be 25 – 30 seconds in length.

• Audio format for entries: interleaved, stereo wav or aiff file. 16/44.1 or higher resolution.

• The Winner must be prepared to describe how they created their sound narrative, such as what kinds of effects and editing techniques they used, software used, etc.

• Processing and plugins allowed.

• Submit entries by November 1, 2011. Please zip and email to with “Halloween Competition Submission YourLastName” in the subject line. You will receive a confirmation email within 1 – 5 days upon submitting.

• Sound sources: sound effects included in the download pack and sound effects from any other Blastwave FX library (including the one free download pack you’re allowed with your coupon code – provided after registration). Also allowed is voice over in any language. You are allowed and encouraged to manipulate, chop up, process, layer, distort etc. the sounds.

• Participants’ names will be withheld from judges.

• Participants release all ownership rights related to their soundtrack to Blastwave FX.

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