The Pro Sound Effects Store vs. The Online Library: What’s Best For You?

June 26, 2012 by Administrator in How-To, Interactive Media, Lists, Sound Effects, Sound Librarian

The Pro Sound Effects Store vs. The Online Library: What’s Best For You?

This post provides an overview of the two options for searching and harnessing the PSE Master Library: the PSE Store, where catalogs and collections can be purchased, and our Online Library, offering individual downloads.

pse inside


Have you created an account on the Pro Sound Effects homepage, only to be asked to create another login right when you’re ready to purchase the sound effects in your cart?

If so, fear not; you may have found difficulty logging into one our sites because there are separate logins for the PSE Store, on our homepage, and the PSE Online Library. In this post I’ll provide a general overview of both and explain where they differ so you can jump to whichever is best cut out for your sound effects situation.


The first order of business is whether or not you already know what you want. As I’ve circled in these screen-grabs, our site offers two options on the left-hand side. If you want to search for entire sound effects catalogs or collections, you want the PSE Store. You can click “Next Level Sound Effects Libraries” and get searching, or login/create an account up at the top of the page and then peruse.

pse store

The PSE Store, for world-class catalogs and collections

The Pro Sound Effects Store is a more straightforward buying interface. If you are looking to purchase a collection of sounds (an entire sound effects catalog, a specific library collection within that catalog) this is where you want to be.

In most cases there are soundcloud links or audio demos embedded within a catalog’s product description. This allows you a sonic sample.


rare animals

The Rare Animal Sound Effects Library offers a handful of samples


But for the most part, the Pro Sound Effects Store is for when you already have a product in mind: if, say, you’re already sold on Foundation’s general library and need some quality airplane sounds. You can search by catalog or sound effect category, locate what you need, then purchase the collections or catalog, which we make available either on hard drives, DVDs or large .zip file downloads.

If, however, you’re looking to create your own little library of sound effects, you can add as many or as few to your cart as you like within the Online Library. This is accessed at a separate url:, or by clicking the “Individual Downloads” option on our homepage.


online library

The Online Library, for individual downloads


This Online Library houses all of the 120,000+ sound effects available within the PSE Master Library. Here, you can sample any sound effect before purchasing à la carte, or via one of our online subscriptions. There are also filters on the left that allow you to narrow searches by catalog, library, category, etc. Once you’re ready to download, choose the audio format you’d prefer.

online library

Narrow by category or catalog on the left, or search for sounds


And there you have it! If you’ve created an account on the PSE Store and you’d like to sample and download individual sound effects, you’ll need to head over to the Online Library. If you do, keep in mind that it’s best to create a login first, that way any sound effects you add to your cart will be saved should you decide to purchase them.

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