How to play 24 bit 96 kHz WAV files in NetMix Lite on Windows

June 30, 2011 by PSE in Sound Effects

How to play 24 bit 96 kHz WAV files in NetMix Lite on Windows

In this article we explain how you can easily enable playback of 24-bit / 96 kHz HD audio files in NetMix Lite for Windows.

1. Download the Legacy HD Audio Filter written by Chris Parson  here and extract the zip file.

2.Copy the file to C:WindowsSystem32

3. Select Start > Run ,  type the following : regsvr32 c:/windows/system32/ and press Return

To uninstall select Start > Run and type  regsvr32 /U c:/windows/system32/

NetMix Lite can now playback your 24 Bit 96 kHz HD audio files instantly!!

How does it work ?

From Chris’ website :

Many audio processing applications still produce high-definition audio such as 24bit/96kHz in a legacy WAV format. By default DirectShow players (such as Media Player) won’t be able to play these files as the Audio Renderer refuses to accept this legacy type even though it is perfectly capable of playing it. This filter registers itself as being able to handle this legacy format, and at the same time converts to a format the DirectShow Audio Renderer will accept (WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE). This is done without altering the audio data in any way.

Alternative: The Ffdshow Audio Decoder can handle playback of 24-bit and floating point WAVs in DirectShow. It is available here.