Hybrid Library Sale Extended – 50 More Units Available Through January 31

January 2, 2014 by David Forshee in Hybrid Library

Hybrid Library Sale Extended – 50 More Units Available Through January 31

In response to further demand from freelance sound designers worldwide,  we are releasing an additional 50 Hybrid Library units at $1500 each through January 31.

“In response to the high volume of applications leading up to December 31, we decided to extend the Hybrid Library sale with 50 units until January 31”  said Douglas Price, Founder of Pro Sound Effects. “We  deeply appreciate all of the support, positive reviews, and the reputation we have all helped establish for the Hybrid as “the Robin Hood of Sound Effects Libraries.”

The Hybrid Library is available by application only to freelance sound designers and independent media professionals who have demonstrated a commitment to the art and craft of sound design and have credits to prove it.

The Hybrid Library combines 50,000+ sound effects on hard drive and this year includes new drive design, enhanced metadata, publisher updates, and access to over 125,000 sounds online. To support freelancers on tighter budgets, Pro Sound Effects has set aside an additional  50 Hybrid Library units at $1500 each (>$10,000 value) through January 31.  The original limited sale for 100 units ended December 31. For full features, the product video, demos, reviews and to apply for freelancer pricing, check out the Pro Sound Effects Hybrid Library page.

After the additional 50 units  are reserved, the price of the Hybrid Library will be raised to $2500 for qualified applicants. Purchased separately, the constituent collections that compose the Hybrid Library represent a total of  over $10,000 in retail value.

Go here to apply for 1 of the 50 remaining Hybrid Library units by January 31:  http://www.prosoundeffects.com/hybrid-library-for-freelance-sound-designers.html

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