Interview with Sound Effects Darling Ric Viers – Blastwave FX

October 21, 2010 by PSE in Sound Effects

Interview with Sound Effects Darling Ric Viers – Blastwave FX

Blastewavelogo21. Why did you start Blastwave FX?

I have produced sound libraries for just about every sound effects company out there and it only made sense to branch out and start my own brand. It’s been challenging, but fun. The response has been great. Sound designers like (and need) variety and I think Blastwave FX fills the void that a lot of libraries are missing. Plus, being in charge allows me to push the envelope and go crazy without having to get approval!  ; )

2. What differentiates BWFX from other sound library companies?

Blastwave FX is more than just a stock sound effects company. Sure, we have ‘stock’ sound effects that can be used as-is, but we focus more on giving sound designers elements that they can use and combine with other elements to create something that has never been used before. The perfect example of this is the results we hear in our Sound Design Competitions. We give a handful of sounds to the contestants and they design unique sounds and sequences that are different from the other contestants. That is the very essence of what I wanted to see happen with our libraries.

3. What is your favorite sound effects library?

That’s a trick question. My favorite library is always the current one that I’m working on. I like the challenge of creating something new and different. I’m definitely at my best when I’m inspired.

4. What’s behind the sound design solutions and free updates for life?
The Free Updates For Life is something that is completely unique with Blastwave FX. No other library grows with you. The quarterly updates provide the user with new material so that they have a ‘living library’.