The Rare Animal Sound Effects Alphabet Video + Library (get $100 off through 3/31!)

February 18, 2014 by David Forshee in Sound Effects, Uncategorized

Krump the Pro Sound Effects Clown re-teaches you and your kids the Alphabet using rare animal sounds from the Rare Animals Sound Effects library!

Yes, it’s the Rare Animals Sounds Alphabet – fun for you and the entire family! And when you need some privacy (i.e. to work on your studio tan), get the whole library!

“With a bit of restoration, editing and mastering, we felt like we could curate an animal-focused library that can be used to layer and create unique new animal voices.”

-Neil Benezra

The Rare Animals Sound Effects Library was built from one principal aim: To find, nurture and release rare animal sound effects into the wild. Pro Sound Effects sourced material worldwide for the rarest field recordings, the most unusual of which were hand-selected by Brooklyn Sound Society’s Neil Benezra to re-master and restore.  This collection of animal effects was edited and optimized for game and interactive industries in mind, so most are shorter, trigger-able sounds. The library also contains a collection of ambiences—longer, environmental sound effects that can be further edited, or used as backgrounds.

Key Features include:

• Over 1,000 unique recordings

• Optimum restoration, noise reduction (using the Cedar plug-in), equalization and mastering by Brooklyn Sound Society

• Detailed metadata, including species categories, descriptions, plus the time and place of each effect’s recording

• Hand-picked rarities, from high-caliber source material

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Get your Rare Animal Sound Effects Library Now or get one free download from our online library.

Check out the SoundCloud player below to play the sounds A-Z at your own leisure: