Why the Hybrid Library is “The Robin Hood of Sound Effects Libraries”

October 30, 2013 by Douglas Price in Hybrid Library

Why the Hybrid Library is “The Robin Hood of Sound Effects Libraries”

When we launched the original Hybrid Library in December of 2012, David Weiss of SonicScoop.com dubbed it “the Robin Hood of Sound Effects Libraries”. It made sense because the initial spirit behind the library was to support the growing number of freelancers on tighter budgets (“giving to the poor”) with the same library resources as the big guys (“robbing the rich”, in a manner of speaking). Big studios were shutting down (and continue to do so) and more independents needed the same large library to complete large scale projects on tighter deadlines and further tightening budgets. As a result, Robin Hood has become our mascot. Hybrid Library owners are our troupe of “Merry Men” or, as I call them,  “Hybriders”.

So, without further ado, here are 4 Reasons with fun facts on why the Hybrid Library is called the “Robin Hood of Sound Effects Libraries.”

1. Robin Hood looked out for the Poor. We look out for Freelancers on Small Budgets (Hybriders).

With the Hybrid Library we wanted to level the playing field for our fellow Hybriders and let the quality of one’s sound design speak for itself regardless of budget or big company affiliation. We work to enable more people to make more and better media with better sound and we recognize and respect the professional and economic challenges freelancers face. In fact, 2 members of Team PSE are freelance sound designers! Pro Sound Effects was a start-up in 2004 – same scrappy story. All of this has resulted in 50,000 sound effects from top libraries on hard drive + access to 125,000 online. More than $10,000 worth of value for $1500 through December 31 (then goes up to $2995). It’s our way of giving back and supporting the small guy.

2. Robin Hood was a Master Archer. Hybriders have pinpoint search Accuracy.

When you are working to complete a project, you need to hit the bullseye fast with what you are looking for – both to save time and create flow in the creative process. That is why we have further enhanced the metadata for the new Hybrid Library – based both on feedback from our fellow Hybriders and also after what was arguably the most exhaustive library review ever last year by Shaun Farley on DesigningSound.org! Categories are fully standardized, keywords are further optimized – search and browse functions are lighting fast and deadly accurate – whether you use Soundminer, Basehead, Netmix, Digibase, Mediabay or and other sound library search software.

3. Robin Hood was a Swordsman. Hybriders finish off projects in one broad stroke.

Skilled swordsmen can kill opponents with one strike. Any single general sound effects library of true merit should allow you to quickly get your project in rough shape – that is how the Hybrid Library is designed from the ground up. Fine-tuning (or the actual plucking, seasoning and presentation of your prey) can come later, whether it is layering or replacing some of the sound with your own recordings, using plug-ins, or further articulating the finer points of your sonic tapestry.

4. Robin Hood listened to his Merry Men. We listen to our Hybriders and they keep getting Merrier!

The Hybrid Library and the new Expansion 1 add-on were created in survey-driven collaboration with professional freelance Hybriders. We take our users and product feedback as seriously as Robin Hood’s legacy and believe this is the key to the ultimate utility and success of the Hybrid Library program. Check out the merriment of current Hybriders in our ever-expanding Hybrid Library Reviews section.

Do you have any Robin Hood analogies you think should be posted here? If so please leave a comment and we’ll consider for an extended post!

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(Douglas Price is not only Founder of Pro Sound Effects but also an Archery Enthusiast!)