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June 19, 2013 by David Forshee in Sound Effects

Winterthur, Zurich – June 18, 2013:, the creators of 5.1 surround sound archives such as ‘Civilisation and Industrial Soundscapes‘ today released the ‘Room Tones Sound Library‘.

The Room Tones Library contains 130 room tones, including 12 rooms available for the first time in 11.0 Auro 3D sound. All sounds were originally recorded in 5.1 surround sound or 11.0 3D sound in 24Bit / 96kHz and are available as MS and L/R stereo versions.

Using Room Tones in Sound Design

Room Tones: no matter where we are, they are there as well. They usually go unnoticed, but they surround us constantly. They are our daily companions. They are everywhere. Always. They are the low hum of a computer, the continuous whir of a vent, the consistent noise of a fan, the sound of an electric device. They are the sum of an infinite number of reflections, i.e. static noise.

As a design element, room tones are not just filler material for audio gaps created – with surgical precision – during sound editing. Room tones offer much more than that: they are an important stylistic device and an integral part to a sophisticated sound de- sign. A room tone can be depressingly quiet; or it can easily convey coldness and lo- neliness when used out of proportion and with lots of reverb.

Room tones are thus an important stylistic device in sound design; their creative applications are manifold. You can use the sound of a room to influence the unconscious mind of the viewer and to convey a message. Room tones convey a lot of subliminal information about a room and about the atmosphere of a movie scene. A room tone can convey the size and the characteristics of a room; the feeling can be pleasant, comforting, enveloping, protective and secure. A room tone can be warm and friendly, but it can also be cold and distant, or even threatening and frightening.

‘Room Tones’ is available on the Pro Sound Effects webstore.

‘Room Tones Sound Library’ Features:

  • 135 5.1 Surround Sound Room Tones, 24Bit / 96kHz
  • 112 MS Stereo Room Tones, 24Bit / 96kHz
  • 122 L/R Stereo Room Tones , 24Bit / 96kHz
  • 13 11.0 Auro 3D Room Tones , 24Bit / 96kHz
  • IR1 Impulse Response Set
  • Price: EUR 187.00 (Single User License)
  • Total Size: 50.4 GB (incl. IR1 Impulse Response Set)