Sonic Branding and the Audio Branding Congress Pt. 1

September 28, 2011 by Laura Sinnott in Events and Parties, Sound Design, Sound Effects

Sonic Branding and the Audio Branding Congress Pt. 1

Audio branding, or sonic branding, is a part of the audio post production industry that crosses over with advertising and marketing.  Though some studios like Audiobrain and Massive Music have been offering the service for years, this branch of branding is still relatively untapped here in the United States beyond a handful of international corporations and studios.

The Audio Branding Academy (ABA), founded by three forward thinking cats from Germany, is helping to change that.  The ABA brings awareness to the use of sound in brand communication in numerous ways, including holding the anual Audio Branding Congress.

This global event brings together a diverse group of professionals, academics, clients and even students that will present case studies, host discussions and, of course, engage in stimulating conversation.  Here are a few examples of the goings-on:

Pro Sound Effects will be participating in the congress and donating SONOPEDIA 2.0 to the winner of the Audio Branding Award. Check out the Audio Branding Academy website for details.

Stay tuned, there’s more to come on the basics of audio branding!