Audio Datasets for Powerful
Machine Learning

Deliver the smartest and most powerful sonic experiences possible.

Make sure you have the most robust and highest quality audio data available to ensure your AI performs to its potential. Applications include:

  • Speech Recognition
  • Machine Perception
  • Speech Processing
  • Machine Hearing
  • Active Noise Cancellation
  • Audio Source Separation
  • Generative Audio
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Text to Sound Effects
  • Environmental Sound Recognition
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About our Audio Data

1,000,000+ discrete sounds

390,000+ sound effects files

4,000+ hours of audio recordings

5.5 TB of data

Rich, uniform, human-created metadata

600+ categories across the sonic spectrum

20,000+ music tracks & stems

650+ hours of music content

We offer Four tiers of licensing

Research Only

Covers your in-house Audio Research, Machine Learning, and R&D

Commercial 1

Covers use in: IOT Devices, (e.g. commercial appliances, alarm clocks, “Smart” devices such as doorbells and home security systems) sleep devices and software

Commercial 2

Covers use in: Pro Audio Devices & Software, Consumer Audio Devices & Software, Home Assistant devices (e.g. Amazon Echo, Google Home)

Commercial 3

Covers use in: Mass communication devices and operating systems (e.g. smartphones, tablets, notebooks), Personal Assistant software (e.g. Google Assistant, Siri, etc.)

*Tiers are cumulative - ie. Commercial 3 contains all license rights.

Standard commercial licenses do not cover generative audio tools - contact us to discuss custom licensing for generative applications.

Working at a Startup?

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“The breadth of audio scenes gives us great coverage for training our speech recognition algorithms, enabling us to better future-proof products.”
Cyprian Wronka BabbleLabs, Inc.
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