Multi-User License Agreement Principal Terms


The purpose of this document is to give you an overview of the Principal Terms you will find in your Multi-User License Agreement (MULA).

Once you decide to get set up, your MULA will be fully customized to cover the number of users you have. Your MULA will build in the flexibility you need to make the most out of our libraries and your investment as your organization and production requirements change over time.

In combination with our Pricing Examples, these Principal Terms will give you the basic information you need to to understand our how multi-user licensing works. Our clients have found it useful to share this document internally as they gather preliminary decision-making information – we encourage you to do the same.

Your actual MULA will be unique – when you are ready to receive a customized MULA and price quote, please Sign Up for Consultation & Quote, email or call 646 706 7728 x10.

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Principal Terms of the PSE MULA:

Your MULA gives your Company commercial rights to use sounds in PSE Libraries in your productions and products. Like software, pricing is based on the number of PSE Library users. Here are the basic Principal Terms of the PSE MULA:

Usage: Unlimited, royalty-free right use sounds from PSE Libraries in an unlimited number of your productions or products

Synchronization: Sounds from PSE Libraries must be used “in synch”. This means that in your production you have coupled the sounds with a visual (ie film, TV, video) or time (ie mixed into an audiobook or music track). Synch also means that the sounds cannot be uncoupled or manipulated once you broadcast or share your production.

Users: number of users who will be accessing and using the PSE Libraries on a regular basis. Pricing is based primarily on the number of users your have. Your PSE MULA can include your ability to add and subtract users as needed at any point.

Productions/Products: any product or production you create using sounds from the PSE Libraries are free and clear from any royalty in perpetuity. You own the Products you make with our sounds forever and are free to sell and distribute and sublicense as you wish.

Broadcast Territory: Worldwide in any medium now known or hereafter devised.

Payment: Most clients opt for annual payment terms. We also offer perpetual buyout terms with one lump sum payment up front.

License Term: our standard annually-paid MULA term is 3 years. In some cases we do 1, 5 years and perpetually self-renewing, depending on your requirements.*

Pricing: License pricing is based on 1) How many users you have, and 2) Which PSE libraries you want to use in your productions.

See Pricing Examples. For select clients we will customize the MULA to provide an annual fee per site, account for floating licenses and mechanical rights. We also offer significantly discounted rates to educational institutions who require non-commercial licenses.

Payments: For our standard, annually-paid MULA’s, payment is due within 30 days of license start date, and then annually within 30 days of your MULA’s license anniversary date thereafter.

*Not included in Pricing Examples.

How to Obtain Your Multi-User License

When you are ready, the next step is for you to contact a PSE Licensing Specialist who will provide you with the following:

1) A quote for your solution, including any requested libraries and/or our recommendations based on your needs.

2) A customized License Agreement draft for your internal review.

To contact a PSE Licensing Specialist:

Sign Up for Consultation & Quote, email us at or call our Licensing department at (646) 706-7728 x10.