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Deliver Better Sound Faster Than Ever

Ensure you have the tools you need to deliver your best sound on every project, faster and more creatively than ever.

Great Sounding Work Starts with Great Sounds

Make sure your organization is covered with the highest quality sounds possible, so you can waste less time searching, burn fewer creative calories, and deliver your best work on every project.

Create with Award-Winning Quality

To make sure you have the best material possible, we only partner with the best recordists in the world. Our roster includes Oscar-winners, elite game audio sound designers, and seasoned, veteran sound effects library creators, and it is our mission to pass their passion and expertise on to you.

With PSE Solutions, we have bundled our most popular, most artistic, and most useful libraries together to bring you the ultimate sonic toolset, whether you’re updating your aging, existing collections, or just starting to build your library out.

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Licensing You Can Trust

Your unlimited, royalty-free license agreement, which has been reviewed by our clients’ legal departments hundreds of times over, will give you extremely broad rights and will be customized to your unique needs.

Once you’re on board, all of the work you create with your library is fully-covered, so you can create with total peace of mind and assurance that the work you deliver is in the clear.

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Innovative creators throughout the media arts rely on PSE Solutions to inspire creativity and fuel efficiency.

Getting our PSE Solution in place at Viceland helped us transform our audio post workflow from both a creativity and efficiency standpoint.

John Northcraft Sr. Audio Post Engineer

PSE is a cornerstone of our library with custom licensing making it available to 70+ sound designers located across 16 studios worldwide.

Ben Minto Audio Director

Great sound design can really finish out a piece, and having great sound effects at our fingertips makes the process a whole lot easier.

Graham Metzger Editor

Stay Fresh With New Releases

We understand that your sound library is a significant investment, so we want to make sure that your investment appreciates in value, doesn’t collect dust, and stays up to date with the latest library releases.

We’re constantly putting out exciting and useful new libraries, so we’ll keep your solution up to date with great new content.

Latest Release: Bengal Tiger
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Ensure you deliver your best sound on every project - faster and more creatively than ever, using the highest quality libraries available. Enter your organization size below to see your price and request a quote for the PSE Solution of your choice.

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Essential Essential

You don’t use effects constantly, but you need a professional resource at your fingertips when the job calls for it.

  • 20,000 Sounds
  • 255 GB
  • Included Libraries Odyssey Essentials
    Specialty Libraries ?
  • Access: Search® Software
    Online Access

  • Updates: None

Starting At
$495 /yr
$1,995 buyout
Select number of users
Select number of users
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Pro Pro

You create with sound on the regular and need a high-quality, diverse, and continually growing library you can rely on daily.

Starting At
$1,395 /yr
$4,995 buyout
Select number of users
Select number of users
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Complete Complete

Sound is of the utmost importance to you, and your library needs to match the scope of your imagination.

Starting At
$3,595 /yr
$14,995 buyout
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We understand that every organization is unique. Our expert Licensing Specialists have seen it all, and are waiting on-hand to assess your needs and set you on the path to success with the solution that’s right for you.

Complete the form above, schedule a call, give us a ring at 646-706.7728 x10, chat with us on the lower right of this page, or shoot us an email at Looking forward to hearing from you!

Solutions FAQs

What am I allowed to do with my sound effects license?

You’re allowed to create an unlimited number of synchronized productions, meaning you may couple sound effects with other elements (e.g. video, other sonic). You can edit, layer, process, warp, twist, and pulverize sounds to your heart’s desire.

Our standard license covers usage by one (1) User – if you have multiple people at your company or organization who will be working with the sound effects library, you must obtain a multi-user license.

For a more complete rundown of how licensing works, check out our Licensing Page, or contact us at, or call 646.728.7728×10.

What CAN’T I do with my sound effects libraries?

You cannot re-sell sound effects in any way.

Besides that, if you would like to include sound effects in a mobile or web app where your end users can control playback of the sound (e.g. soundboard, nature/relaxation app, ringtones, etc.), you will need to obtain a Custom Application License (CAL).

If you’re interested in a CAL please contact us at, or 646.728.7728×10.

If we go for an Annual License but choose not to renew at some point, what happens then?

Any finished work created during your valid license period is licensed in perpetuity. If you choose not to renew your license at any point, you must delete all raw audio files from your computers, servers, hard disks, etc., and you may not create any new work using the sound effects.

Can our legal department review your license agreement before we sign up?

Yes – once you’ve received a quote and you’re ready to move forward, your licensing rep will be happy to draft a custom license agreement for your legal team to review and revise as needed. Please let us know if this is a requirement for you.

Which payment methods do you accept?

We accept bank transfer, check, credit card, or PayPal. POs and full vendor setup is welcome – please let us know what your purchasing requirements are.

How do you define a "User"?

A “User” is any person at your company (employee or contractor) who will be working with the sound effects library. For schools, Users are counted as the students, faculty, and administrators by whom the sound effects are intended to be used.

How can I access my library?

We offer flexible delivery and access options, designed to best suit your workflow and technical setup. Here are a few examples of how you could look to get started with our libraries:

i) You’re a single User making your first big investment in a sound library: We can deliver your library on a USB hard drive, with both web-based access and a license for our sound effects workflow software, Search, where you can populate your sound effects database and search, browse, preview, and drag-and-drop into your projects.

ii) You’re a medium-large team looking to augment your existing sound library, and you already have sound effects management software (e.g. Soundminer, Basehead, Soundly) in place: Easy! We send you a hard drive with universally-compatible metadata, you drop the sounds into your existing workflow, and you’re good to go.

iii) You’re a school with hundreds of students who’ll need to access: We’d recommend IP-Authenticated access via our Library Access Portal, so students are automatically logged in on-campus or off-campus (via Proxy) with a click of a button.

What exactly is included in the “Updates” you offer?

“Pro” Updates
For Annual licenses, you may choose two (2) PSE Specialty Libraries to add to your license each year. For Perpetual licenses, you may choose two (2) PSE Specialty Libraries to add to your license at any point.

“Complete” Updates
For Annual licenses, you will receive ALL PSE Specialty Libraries added to your license each year. For Perpetual licenses, you will receive all PSE PSE Specialty Libraries released within one (1) year following your purchase date.

PSE reserves the right to include specialty libraries in the update program at its sole discretion.

Can I have a trial before committing to a license?

Absolutely. Typically we provide trial access via our web portal with every quote.

Can I use your sounds in my app?

Yes, but depending on how sounds will be incorporated in the experience of the app, you may require a Custom Application License.

Please contact us at, or 646.706.7728 x10 to make sure you get the right license.