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What is Pro Sound Effects?

Click here for the full About Us. Here is the short version:

Pro Sound Effects® (PSE) develops highly curated sound effects libraries for sound artists, editors, designers, audio engineers, media companies, schools and nonprofits. Our goal is to inspire and empower you to tell any story with the highest quality sounds available.


What type of media do your products come on?

→ We offer sound library products via download, hard drive/flash drive, and even on enterprise data servers. If you have specific needs that you don’t see as available on our website, please email support@prosoundeffects.com or call us at 646-706-7728 x16 and a member of our Support Team will work with you to fulfill your requirements.


What does Royalty-Free mean?

→ All of our products are sold as royalty-free (or buyout) products and our License Agreement and the license agreements of the respective manufacturers govern their use. Royalty Free means that there are no additional fees owed for commercial use of a sound file as it is incorporated into any audio or multimedia production. Once you have purchased a sound, you have the license to use that sound as often as you like, in as many projects as you like and you will never be required to pay another fee of any kind. Sounds cannot be copied, resold or distributed as individual files. They can only be resold and distributed as incorporated into a complete production.


Can I buy single sound effects? Do you sell sound effects downloads?

→ Most of our libraries are delivered via download immediately after purchase – this is specified on the product page.

To search, browse, preview, create playlists, and download single files, visit the Pro Sound Effects Online Library.


What is the Freelancer Program and who qualifies for it?

→ The Freelancer Program is a free program where members get year-round access to savings of up to 60% on select PSE libraries.

It is open to freelance and independent media creators of all types – sound editors, sound designers, audio engineers video editors, game developers and filmmakers.

 Online Library


What are my download credit options?

1) You can purchase individual sounds for $5 each.

2) You can sign up for a monthly subscription for the Online Library – this will automatically bill you once a month and add more credits to your account. You can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel at any time. If you cancel your subscription, any unused credits will be lost.

3) You can also make a one-time bulk purchase of a Download Pass from our main site. This will give you a code to redeem your credits on the Online Library so you don’t need to worry about the timing of a recurring subscription.


How do I cancel my subscription?

→Under the “My Subscription” tab, you can cancel your subscription — you may get a pop-up error notification stating that your credits will be deleted, but it is not the case (feel free to take note of how many credits you have, just in case).


I redeemed a coupon code. Where are my download credits?

→You can view your remaining credit balance within your cart after adding a sound to your cart.


How do I download sounds?

→There are two main ways to download sound effects:

  • In bulk: Add sounds to your cart, click the cart icon at the top of the page, complete checkout.
  • Individually: Click directly on the filename of a sound, then click the gray wav button on the right under “Download Now”

In both cases, you can always download sounds that you have already bought/licensed on the the “My Licenses” tab on the Online Library (click WAV under the “Download” column).

Tip: Do not click the green download button that appears in the bottom left corner – this feature only works for users with specific account setups.


Why am I getting a long error code when I try to download?

→To download, add sounds to your cart and complete checkout. Do not click the green download button that appears in the bottom left corner – this feature only works for users with specific account setups.


I can’t log in. What do I do?

→First, make sure you are logging into the correct site. You are currently on the main site which is separate from our Online Library with a separate login system.

The Online Library (download.prosoundeffects.com) is where you can search, preview, and download individual sound effects.

Our main site (prosoundeffects.com / shop.prosoundeffects.com) is where you can purchase full sound effects libraries, read the PSE Blog, apply for the Freelancer Program, etc.


Why can’t I preview any sounds?

→The Online Library performs best with Chrome or Firefox web browsers. If you’re having issues using Safari, Internet Explorer, or another browser, please try using Chrome or Firefox instead.


Why can’t I listen to the sounds in my cart?

→The cart is best used only for purchasing/downloading sounds. It is also not guaranteed that sounds will stay in your cart after logging out or closing your browser. If you have a group of sounds that you want to save for later, it is best to create a playlist.


What is the value of a download credit?

→ Each download credit lets you download one sound, so 20 credits = 20 sounds.


I received a code from iZotope with my RX purchase – what is it for and how do I use it?

→ If your code starts with IZO-xxxx, it’s for 50 download credits for the Online Library. You can visit this page for more details, but in short, you can enter the code on the Redeem Codes tab on the Online Library.




What formats are your sound effects libraries available in?

→ Most of our products come as broadcast-quality .wav files with embedded metadata, compatible with BaseHead, Soundminer, Netmix, and other asset management software. Most sound effects libraries come in either 24-bit/96kHz, 24-bit/48kHz, or 16-bit/44.1kHz formats – this will be indicated on the product page for each individual library. Some of our libraries are also in B-Format, which will be indicated on the product page as well.


Can I audition libraries before I purchase?

→ Yes, almost all of our libraries have high-quality audio demos in .mp3 format, which you can preview on the item’s product page.

To search, browse, preview, create playlists, and download single files, visit the Pro Sound Effects Online Library.


What is the difference between The Odyssey Collection and The Odyssey Collection: Essentials?

→ The Odyssey Collection is the complete installment of Mark Mangini and Richard L Anderson’s personal sound library, curated over 36 years of feature film work. The Odyssey Collection: Essentials is the first release of the collection.


Is there any overlap between Hybrid/Odyssey and PSE Essentials?

→ There is no overlap between The Odyssey Collection: Essentials and PSE Essentials. There is, however, a 20% overlap between the Hybrid Library and PSE Essentials — contact sales@prosoundeffects.com for potential upgrade paths.


Is the Hybrid Library contained in the Master Library?

→Yes, the entirety of the Hybrid Library is in the Master Library. On top of that, our Master Library contains our specialty libraries.


What’s the difference between the Hybrid Library and the 2017/2018 versions? What about the Master Library and the 2017/2018 versions?
→ The Hybrid Library has seen several improvements and updates since it was first introduced in 2012 including new sounds and metadata adjustments. In June 2018, the year was removed from the library name for simplicity – though it is the same product. This is also the case for the Master Library. If you own Hybrid or Master and think your version may not be up-to-date, please contact support@prosoundeffects.com and we will send you the latest version at cost ($80-140 for the hard drive plus shipping).


I just purchased a general library; when will I have Online Access?

→Online Access will be set up within 1-2 business days of your purchase.


What’s the deal with Hybrid/Master Library annual updates?

→ Annual Updates are no longer a feature of the Hybrid Library / Master Library. This created complications with versioning, and we opted for a more flexible solution moving forward providing users with the resources to customize their library according to their preference. Instead, new users now get $100 / $200 in store credit following purchase to keep their library fresh with new releases. If you already own Hybrid or Master and would like more info about your options in lieu of annual updates, please contact support@prosoundeffects.com.


I have a general library and my Basehead trial says it’s supposed to last 90 days; in the email I received with the code, why does it say it expires in less than that?

→ The code you received to redeem Basehead is what expires sooner; your Basehead trial does not start until you download and activate your trial.


I received a coupon code from Avid. What is it for and where do I use it?

→ If you received an offer from Avid Pro Tools (with a code starting with PT… ), it’s for the Pro Tools First Library.

If you received an offer from Avid Media Composer (with a code starting with MC… ), it’s for the Media Composer First Library.

You can visit that page and enter your info on that page and you should receive a download link in your email. Visit the Avid Pro Sound Effects FAQ for more details.


I received a code from iZotope with my Post Production Suit 3 purchase – what is it for and how do I use it?

→ If you received an offer from iZotope (with a code starting with MC… ), it’s for The Odyssey Collection: Design Elements

You can visit that page and enter your info on that page and you should receive a download link in your email.


I purchased Pro Sound Effects Essentials through Avid. How do I download it?

→ To download the library you purchased through Avid, first locate the code given to you in your confirmation email from Avid (the code should start with PSE-E…)

Once you have the code, add the PSE Essentials product to your cart on shop.prosoundeffects.com, and enter the code at checkout. You will then receive a download link in your email.


How do I download the library I purchased when it says the link is expired?

→ When you purchase a downloadable library, you have 30 days to download it before the link expires. This is to prevent link sharing. If you don’t download it within 30 days, reach out to support@prosoundeffects.com and ask to have your download reset.


Can I transfer the libraries I buy to computer hard disk myself, or have it done for me?

→ Yes. Either you can do it or we can do it. Many of our products are available pre-digitized and edited on hard drives. One thing to note is that when you are setting up a multi-user audio production environment, you need a license for multiple users. Email support@prosoundeffects.com if you are interested in this.

If you decide to sell your hard drive at a later date, however, ALL audio files MUST be removed from the disc before you transfer ownership. You are not authorized to sell copied versions of our audio files under any circumstances – this practice is an infringement of copyright.

Use of Products


What’s the deal with licensing?

→Check out our Licensing page here. All of our sound effects downloads are equipped with an Individual End User License, which allows royalty-free, synchronous, commercial usage for a single user. If you have multiple users or will be using the sounds asynchronously (eg. ringtone, mobile app, toy, etc.), please contact us for a complimentary licensing consultation. We’ll get you set up with a customized license that meets your access needs and unique usage.


How am I allowed to use the sounds I buy here? What is Synchronization?

→ Synchronization is the term that describes the way in which the sound effects you buy on ProSoundEffects.com can be utilized in productions that you create. A sound can be synchronized with a visual presentation (the sound of a creaky door timed perfectly to be heard when a door opens), or with other audio material such as a voice over – as in the case of a radio commercial. A sound can be synchronized for use in many media: television, radio, film, multimedia and audio-visual presentations, websites, computer games and music. All of our products are royalty free and are sold with their synchronization rights.

The rights to re-sell, re-publish or otherwise distribute sound effects and music are not obtained with your purchase. When you use the sound effects and music, they must be synchronized within a multimedia presentation, film, Web site, game, audio-visual production or broadcast.

For more detailed information see our Individual End User Sound Effects License.

If you have any questions about licensing for two or more users or custom applications that fall outside of our standard IEULA, please contact a PSE Licensing Consultant by emailing support@prosoundeffects.com or calling us at 646-706-7728 x10.


Can I use the sound effects on my website?

→ Yes, you can synchronize sound effects for playback only on your website, so that button rollovers “bark” or a banner crackles in the “wind”. This type of use is absolutely legal. But you are not allowed to distribute the sound effects in any way – whether you intend to give, trade, loan or sell them. You are not permitted to present the sound effects in any way that would allow access to the sound effects or sounds as downloadable audio. This would be a violation of proprietary property rights and is therefore unauthorized without express written permission.


Can I use these sound effects in my music?

→ Yes you can.


Can I use these sound effects in my computer game or mobile/interactive application?

→ Yes you can, provided that the sounds are embedded in the code of your game and are not available for an end-user to access or download.


I am making a video game for release in retail stores. Can I use your sound effects in it?

→ Yes you can.


Do I have to pay more if I include these sound effects in a production that will be broadcast on radio or TV?

→ No, not at all. All of the products we carry are sold as royalty-free products. This means that you do not need to pay any additional money to the sound publisher if a production is going to be broadcast or performed publicly.


Can the sound effects I buy be used for live theatre productions?

→ Yes. Our sound effects are often incorporated into live theatre production.


Can I copy sound effects or music on to my computer hard drive in order to create a production?

→ Yes. The synchronization license that you obtain with your purchase of sound effects and music allows you to copy the files on to your computer hard drive for the purposes of creating audio and/or visual productions or applications.


Does Pro Sound Effects have sound effects or music available for specific games and mobile licensing needs?

→ Yes. Email licensing@prosoundeffects.com if you are interested in licensing music and sound effects for games, toys, mobile communications, ringtones and many other applications.


Orders and Shipping


What methods of payment do you accept?

→ Pro Sound Effects accepts the most credit cards and online payment accounts for orders through our website, including the following: Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, Yahoo Wallet and PayPal. All sales on the Pro Sound Effects website are made in U.S. currency. We also do accept purchase orders from qualified entities, as well as payment by check and wire transfer. We supply all necessary documentation to deal with purchasing department requirements.


What is your privacy policy? Are your transactions secure?

→ Customer information is collected for the purpose of processing your order. This information is kept confidential and is not shared. Pro Sound Effects will only collect and use your personal information in order to make your experience better, faster, and more convenient. We will never disclose your personal information without your explicit consent.

All online transactions are processed through a secure server. Pro Sound Effects incorporates Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption technology with 128-bit encryption to ensure the security of your personal and financial data.


Where do I redeem my coupon, promotional code, or discount offer?

→ To redeem any discount or promotional offer, please add the product you want to your cart first and then proceed to checkout. You can redeem any offer for discount by entering the code in the field provided on the checkout page. This field will be on the same page where you enter your payment/credit card information.


Do you provide discounts for educational institutions such as training centers, high schools, colleges, and universities?

→ Yes, we work with many educational institutions to deliver customized, cost effective packages designed to meet any requirement. If you represent an educational institution interested in purchasing sound libraries, email education@prosoundeffects.com with your telephone number, a description of your needs, and the best time to reach you.

If you are a student, you may be eligible for exclusive discounts through our Freelancer Program.


What are your shipping policies?

→ Your order will be ground shipped by courier. Delivery is typically 3-5 business days. We aim to ship your order within one business day following the day that it is received and processed with the following exceptions: orders received during weekends or holidays may be slightly delayed. Please note that our shipping policy may change from time to time – should our shipping policy change, we be prominently post notice on this website.


Do you ship anywhere in the world?

→ We ship anywhere in the world except for the following locations: Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, and the Crimea region of Ukraine.


Can you do overnight/rush-shipping?

→ Yes. If you need your order rushed to you, we can ship it via overnight courier if we receive it by 10am EST. We will add the cost of rush service to your order and charge the amount directly to your credit card. For rush shipping please email rush@prosoundeffects.com with your order ID and delivery requirements and we will get you your order as fast as possible.


Can I track my shipment?

→ Yes, if you wish to track your shipment just email support@prosoundeffects.com with your order number in the Subject and we will send you your shipment status and tracking information.


What are your refund and cancellation policies?

→ If you are not satisfied with your order, please contact support@prosoundeffects.com with your account email and order number. We guarantee satisfaction with all of our libraries and will do our best to ensure you are happily serviced, staying creative and delivering your best.

If you have a monthly subscription on the Online Library, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription via the My Subscription tab. Canceling an active subscription will erase any remaining subscription credits. Please contact support@prosoundeffects.com before canceling to retain any remaining credits.

Technical and Website


Are your products compatible with both Mac and PC computers?

→ All of our products are designed to work perfectly with any type of computer, DAW or console. Sound effects delivered via download or on hard drive come pre-digitized and pre-edited as either .wav or .mp3 files. Both of these file types work with most audio and video software and will be readily recognized by both Mac and PC computers.


My library downloaded as a group of zip files that end with numbers (.001, .002, etc). How do I unzip them?

→ Short answer:

We refer to these as split zip files. To unzip them, you first need to have all parts downloaded and in the same directory.

Then, with a proper unarchiving utility (Keka for Mac, 7-Zip for Windows), unzipping the first file ending in .zip.001 will unzip everything at once. Read below for a more in-depth explanation.

Long answer:

Generally, PSE will not provide download links for files larger than 3GB, because files of that size can often cause problems when you attempt to open them. However, many of our sound effects libraries are much larger than 3GB. As a result, we utilize a zip feature known as “volumes” (also known as a split or spanned archive). This allows us to deliver large libraries while keeping the inner folder hierarchy intact.

When zipping large amounts of data, we use archiving software to split the large zip file into several volumes. Each volume has the same maximum size; once that size is reached for the first volume file, a new volume file is created. This process continues until all of the data has been compressed. For example, say you ordered a sound effects library for download 4.75GB in size. If we provided you with a single 4.75GB zip file, you would probably encounter problems when you attempted to open or unzip it (in fact, zip files of this size are impossible on 32-bit systems). Splitting the zip file into 1 GB volumes would circumvent this issue, and would look like this:


File Name Size

Library.zip.001   1 GB

Library.zip.002   1 GB

Library.zip.003   1 GB

Library.zip.004   1 GB

Library.zip.005   750 MB

Although zipping in this manner splits the zip file into smaller files, it is still technically a single zip archive (that is, it is not five individual zip files). To successfully unzip the archive, you will need all the files, and you should only attempt to unzip the first volume (the file ending in .zip.001). Your zip program will automatically recombine the volumes and unzip everything at once. Zipping data in this manner is still considered lossless compression, so all of your data will be intact in its original form.

Mac OS X:

Unfortunately, the zip utility that is built into OS X cannot unzip split archives. To unzip split archives with OS X, we recommend Keka File Archiver Utility. This free utility is relatively simple to use and can uncompress files in several formats. To unzip the example above, double-click on the Library.zip.001 file after you’ve installed Keka. The Linux p7zip command line program is also available for OS X (see below).


Unfortunately, the zip utility that is built into Windows cannot unzip split archives. To unzip split archives with Windows, we recommend 7-Zip Utility. This free utility is relatively simple to use and can compress and uncompress files in a wide variety of formats. To unzip the example above, you can right-click on the Library.zip.001 file (after you’ve installed 7-Zip), select the 7-Zip menu, and then choose one of the “extract” options.


To unzip split archives under Linux, we recommend the p7zip utility. This command line utility is included by default in many flavors of Linux, and is available as an RPM package. To unzip the example above, you would use the following command:

user[at]localhost ~ $ 7za x Library.zip.001

The ‘x’ option will extract the archive while maintaining full paths. To learn more about the 7za command, review the 7za man page as well as the shared documentation installed by the package. It’s quite extensive.

Still have questions? Contact us at support@prosoundeffects.com.

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