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Take Your Sound to the Next Level with our General Libraries

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World-Class Quality

Create with the finest sonic ingredients available.

Curated from our global network of exclusive industry-leading audio professionals, PSE general libraries are used by the foremost brands in bringing their creative dreams to life: Skywalker, Netflix, BBC, Google, EA, VICE & more. Tell your story with the same award-winning tools as the pros.

"I always recommend PSE to colleagues as your one-stop shop for all your sound effects needs.”

John Northcraft, Sound Designer

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Work Faster

Stay in the creative zone, finish faster, deliver your best - on time and on budget.

Get the sound effect you need whenever you need it. We’ve organized over 4TB of sound fx that span the sonic spectrum. You get the breadth, depth, robust metadata and search software you need for lightning-fast search and pinpoint results.

“PSE has everything you need, organized for search and ready to cut."

Beau Borders, Re-Recording Mixer & Sound Editor Lone Survivor, The Lord of the The Rings: Return of the King

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Access on Drive
or in the Cloud

In the studio, on-the-go, 24/7 from any computer.

All general libraries are delivered on hard drive and also come with full online access to give you the flexibility to work from anywhere.

“Having the library centrally located and approved for usage has really improved the audio workflow when it comes down to the finishing stages. We no longer have to scour around.”

Frank Caratozzolo, Sound Designer

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Stay Fresh with New Releases

Your sound library represents your sound and inspires your imagination to create.

As times change, so do the sounds. We want you to stay on top of industry trends and give you access to the most current high quality sounds available anywhere.

“The variety is fantastic. The library contains an abundant amount of updated tech/sci-fi sounds, interaction sounds, whooshes, animals, foley and always more!”

Natalie Van Sistine, Sound Designer

Explore our General Library Options

Find the best feature and pricing fit for your needs

  • 4,900+ Files (70GB)
  • 370+ Categories
  • Royalty-Free Commercial License

Master Library

  • 42,000+ Files (740GB)
  • 500+ Categories
  • Royalty-Free Commercial License
  • 107,000+ Files (1.6TB)
  • 560+ Categories
  • Royalty-Free Commercial License

CORE 3 Complete

  • 390,000+ Files (5.4TB)
  • 600+ Categories
  • Royalty-Free Commercial License

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