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Save Big with the Freelancer Program

Are you an independent professional working in audio post, sound editing, sound design, or game audio?

Apply by August 1st to receive free FX Editing Pro Tools Session Template

LIMITED TIME: Stop wasting energy reorganizing your Pro Tools sessions, and spend more time in the creative zone. Apply for the Freelancer Program to get the ultimate session template to enhance your editorial workflow.


  • FX tracks & BG tracks
  • Organized into predubs and “food groups”
  • Sorted by format: Mono stereo, surround
FX Editing Pro Tools Session Template

Save up to 60% on Libraries & Software

Members of the Freelancer Program get exclusive access to the best deals in the industry: from the Hybrid Library to NYC Ambisonics, BaseHead search software & more!

Key Membership Benefits

Save up to 60% on sound libraries and software.

No purchase required. Application is free - no commitment.

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Discounts on industry-leading audio tools all year-round.

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Get the Hybrid Library for $1,995 (reg. $3,995)

Hailed as “The Sound Designer’s Secret Weapon” and reviewed as the best general library available, the Hybrid Library was designed to be your go-to for daily use – a reliable source of creative fuel to help you finish projects faster and produce better sound. Through the Freelancer Program, you can get the Hybrid Library for just $1,995 (reg. $3,995).


  • 63,000+ broadcast .wav files (350GB)
  • $1,995 Freelancer Price (reg. $3,995)
  • Rich metadata for pinpoint search
  • Online Access

We consider the libraries and software included in the Freelancer Program to be the most useful and versatile tools available.

Award-winning audio software for post production.

Lightning fast search to find the sound you need.

“ The effects are quality recordings, with a very low noise floor, and often have a variety in the takes, so you can find the distance, speed, and duration of the effect to match your project … But the real draw is the variety found within the catalogs … There is literally no way freelancers will go without the sound effects they need when they purchase the Hybrid Library. ”

GEORGE PETERS – Sound & Picture