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Here you will find a detailed walkthrough of all features available on

Please note: You are viewing this page on our main site which has a separate login system from the Online Library, so you may need to create an account.

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Download sound effects
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Using sound effects


The Online Library performs best with Chrome or Firefox web browsers. If you’re having issues using Safari, Internet Explorer, or another browser, please try using Chrome or Firefox instead.


Search & browse

Looking for a specific sound? There are a two primary methods to refine your selection:

1. Search by keyword in the search bar.
2. Filter results by Category, Catalog, Library, or Length on the left side of the page.


Download sound effects

Got download credits?

If you’re using download credits and you’ve found a sound you want to download, the quickest way to download is to click directly on the sound’s Filename – this will take you the full info page for that sound.

Tip: Do not click the green Download button that may appear in the bottom left corner after selecting a sound – this feature is only functional for user accounts with specialized access profiles.

After clicking on the Filename, you will see a choice of file formats in the bottom right corner under Download Now. Click on the format of your choice and the file will download directly to your computer.

No download credits?
Or want to download multiple sounds at once?

Another way to download sounds (with or without download credits) is to click the Add To Cart button on the right. After adding all the sounds you want, click the shopping cart icon at the top of the page and complete the checkout process. If you have download credits they will be applied.

Tip: It is not guaranteed that sounds will stay in your cart after logging out or closing your browser. If you have a group of sounds that you want to save for later, it is best to create a playlist (see Create playlists section below).



Manage account

Access your User Dashboard to manage your account. This is where you can change your email and password, view licenses, download history, etc.

1. Hover over your name in the top right, click Dashboard
2. Navigate between Dashboard panels on the left.

A full list of sounds you’ve downloaded is located under the My Licenses tab – this is where you can redownload sounds and view licenses or invoices for each.

If you have a monthly subscription, you can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel your subscription via the My Subscription tab. Canceling an active subscription will erase any remaining subscription credits. Please contact before canceling to retain any remaining credits.


Create playlists

Playlists are a great for saving sounds for later. They’re also perfect for when you want to go on a searching spree, put all the sounds you find in one place, then review and decide what to download.

1. To create a playlist, scroll down the left menu and click the New Playlist button.

2. Next, a window will appear in which you can add a Name, Description, and parent folder for your playlist. Then click Create Playlist.

3. After creating your playlist, you will see a cream-colored bar with your playlist name appear at the top of the page.

a. You will also see a tiny green plus icon appear next to each sound — click this icon to add a sound to your playlist.

b. Once a sound is added, the green plus turns into a red minus icon — click this icon to remove a sound from your playlist.

4. To view your playlist, click the playlist name in the Playlist menu in the bottom left corner.

5. To toggle in and out of Add To Playlist mode or to remove sounds from your playlist, click the tiny plus icon that appears next to the playlist name.




Using sound effects

1. Once you download a sound effect (either from a playlist or the standard browsing view), the file will:

a. download via your web browser, and

b. populate in your Downloads folder.

2. From there you can drag and drop the file into your DAW/software of choice. Make sure the software you’re using accepts wav files – otherwise you may need to convert to the required file format before importing. For specific info on importing audio into your DAW, please refer to the manual.


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