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Published on October 19th, 2011 | by Douglas Price

Behind the NEW BBC Sound Effects Library (27,020 sounds beyond the BBC 1–60)

In talk­ing with clients about the BBC Sound Effects Library, it has become appar­ent that many still con­fuse the Orig­i­nal BBC 1–60 (read: 2400 sounds) with the library Pro Sound Effects has released in con­junc­tion with the BBC as the BBC Com­plete Sound Effects Library (read: 29,420 sounds – 27,020 new sounds, pre­vi­ously unre­leased). The BBC 1–60 is included in the Com­plete Library and the addi­tional 27,000 BBC sound effects are made up of BBC’s Nature Library (yes, deriv­ing mostly) from our beloved Planet Earth Series and also BBC’s His­tor­i­cal Archives (with sound record­ings dat­ing back to WWII up to recent times). Before PSE teamed up with the BBC, 27,020 nature and his­tor­i­cal sound effects were unre­leased for com­mer­cial usage. Hence, the NEW BBC Sound Effects Library – now all we need to do is get David Atten­bor­ough for VO on our demos!

We’ve released the BBC Com­plete Library in 6 new fla­vors, all as broad­cast .wav files with search soft­ware (the orig­i­nal 1–60 was released as audio CDs) – onward to the Next Level!

Here they are:

If you have ques­tions about the BBC Library, includ­ing it’s con­tents, appli­ca­tions, cus­tom pulls and espe­cially any multi-user licens­ing ques­tions for those of you with 2+ users, please call us at 646 706 7728 x10 or email

You can also check out the Demo Engine - BBC Sound Effects Library: Search, Browse, Audi­tion

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