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Short Breathy Whoosh, Reverberant, Long Tail, Evil, Eerie, Tonal, Several Versions

Swooshes · Whoosh

Hits, Really Big Punches, Beefy Low End Thumps, Body Impact

Fight · Impact

Capuchin Monkey, Chirping Vocalizations, Chitters, Squeaky, Calm and Subtle

Animals · Primate

Vast Dark Whistling Winds, Deep Howl, Slow Tonal Whistling

Wind · Tonal

Downer, Whooshing Hit Down, Quaking Impact, Sub Descent, Hum, Three Versions

Designed · Bass Dive

Crowd Exterior, Daytime, Outdoor Swimming Pool, Walla, Discussions, Parents, Children, Diving, Water Splashes, Busy, Many People, Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Crowds · Misc

Footsteps, Single Impacts on Metal, Slightly Hollow Thunks, Some Grit, Many Versions

Foley · Feet

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