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Equip your Students with the very best Sounds

Your students deserve access to a professional sound and music library, with a workflow that empowers them to create with excellence and bring their stories to life. We’ll help you train them today in a way that sets them up for success tomorrow.

Pro Sound Effects was Built with You in Mind


When you’re studying film, game design, or any other form of media arts, the tools you use today equip you for success tomorrow.


When you’re a department chair or
in any administrative role, the right partner for your institution makes
all the difference.


When you’re a librarian, your mission is to equip students with the right resources at their disposal.


When you’re an instructor, the right tools make your job easier and set students up for success.

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Working Without the Right Tools is Frustrating

We understand the frustration of students resorting to non-licensed content. It does them a disservice, the work is subpar, and it sheds a negative light on your campus. We know how important it is for you to reinforce the quality standards they’ll need in the workplace. Plus, not having a library at their fingertips wastes time as they search for that crisp clip that brings the project to life.

Quickly Find and Use the Right Sounds for Every Project

Award-Winning Sound at your Fingertips

Our library is made up of sounds exclusively from the best recordists in the world. With more than 18,000 music tracks and over 800,000 sounds crafted by Academy Award®-winners and elite sound artists.

Workflow that Matches your Production Needs

Our CORE Library Bundles are accessible via our SoundQ software or IP-authenticated web portal, both on and off-campus. Offer your institution a rich sonic palette paired with the most innovative workflow software.

A Fully-Licensed Library For Your School

Provide students with an unlimited, non-commercial, royalty-free license agreement. Once onboard, all of the work they create with your institution’s library is fully licensed for academic use.

Create without Limits

Get Trial Access Up to 1 year free trial access
Solutions starting at $599/yr


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We have a short call or discussion over email where you let us know what you and your students are looking for and what your ideal solution looks like.


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We’ll set you up with recommendations tailored to your needs – and set up your institution with up to 1 year of free trial access – so you and your students can experience the creative power and freedom of PSE, aligned with your unique budgetary needs.


Empower Your Students

If you like what you see, we’ll do the paperwork, and you’ll be off to the races. With a completely streamlined process, your program will have a sound library that functions as an extension of your students’ creativity and better prepares them for their careers.

Delivering Professional Experience for Students at the Academy of Art University

Students collaborating in studio Students collaborating in studio

When the pandemic hit in 2020, PSE was able to provide a bit of a lifeline to keep the school’s audio program in operation, with cloud-based access to their sound effects library.

Brad Hughes | Director, School of Music and Sound Design for Visual Media, Academy of Art University

See What Their Students Created

Sample project from students at the Academy of Arts University utilizing their Pro Sound Effects membership

Empowering Creativity

You can trust Pro Sound Effects with your needs. We have partnered with institutions all over the world and bring more than 150 years of combined experience in the Sound & Music Industries to the table.

Up to 1 year free trial access
Solutions starting at $599/yr