Take your sound to the Next Level

Pro Sound Effects® (PSE) develops highly curated sound effects libraries for sound artists, editors, designers, audio engineers, media companies, schools and nonprofits. Our goal is to inspire and empower you to tell any story with the highest quality sounds available. We collaborate with a global network of exclusive library partners including world-class recordists, designers, and masters-of-craft that share our commitment to professional quality and innovation. Award-winning creators and companies in film and television, video games, virtual reality, and advertising rely on PSE libraries every day to fuel creativity, finish projects faster, and deliver their best sound always.

Based in Brooklyn since 2004, we continue to push our industry forward with our comprehensive General Libraries, storied Specialty Libraries, our progressive Freelancer Program, flexible multi-user licensing, and client-driven library development.

We love what PSE Clients are creating

Our clients are sound designers, editors, engineers and producers in post, games, film and television, VR and beyond. They include award-winning freelancers and small post houses to future-forward schools and global media production companies with 1000’s of users.

  • Silicon Valley
  • League of Legends
  • Lone Survivor
  • Dallas Buyers Club
  • Call of Duty
  • Star Wars: Battlefront
  • Electronic Arts
  • VICE
  • Red Bull Media House
  • Activision
  • Google
  • Disney
  • Funny or Die
  • Beau Borders
  • Ken Skoglund
  • Rumble Audio
  • One Thousand Birds
  • Hexany Audio
  • The Art Institutes
  • Elon University
  • University of North Texas
  • SAIT Polytechnic
  • Sonic College
  • Helsinki Vocational School
  • Met Film School

Our most popular libraries

Hybrid Library

The industry’s #1 general sound effects library. 63,000 sounds (350GB) on hard drive with online access and search software.

Master Library

Our most comprehensive general sound effects library. 200,000 sounds (2.4TB) on hard drive with online access and search software.

The Odyssey Collection

Our latest all-purpose collection curated from the life’s work of Academy Award®-winners Mark Mangini and Richard L. Anderson.

Specialty Libraries

Uniquely themed libraries for project-specific needs.

Meet Team PSE

We are aligned and agile. We make it happen in Brooklyn, Boston, across the globe, in the cloud, on Slack, on the phone and in the flesh. Team PSE’s mission is to develop the most useful sound effects libraries that help you take your sound to the Next Level. Meet our core members:

Douglas Price
Founder & President

Transforms strategy into mission accomplished

Factoids: 1-wall handball fanatic, ex-turntablist, works more than a 4HWW (Ch. 7).

Jeremy Siegel
Licensing Manager

Makes sure clients get the most value

Factoids: Can spin a frisbee on his finger forever, bassist and engineer/producer.

David Forshee
Product Manager

Ensures our Library is the best it can be

Factoids: Nickname “Forshinator,” sound designer.

Andrew Emge
Marketing Manager

Brings it all together like glue

Factoids: Tallest Team PSE member, drummer with affinity for broken cymbals.

Daniel D’Errico
Library Manager

Oversees library development and organization

Factoids: Seer of noise, sound designer, music producer, and mixer

Sebastian Henshaw
Sound Editor

Auditory autonimator

Factoids: aka C-bass, Foley artist, podcast connoisseur, percussionist, mac and cheese enthusiast

Jamie Bishop
Sound Editor & Operations Specialist

Wearer of many hats

Factoids: Manipulator of sound, would literally die for Sufjan Stevens, still plays Minecraft unironically

Ben Englander
Sound Editor

Waveform welder

Factoids: Rock climber, guitarist, known for handsome smile