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Published on November 2nd, 2010 | by PSE

The Best Sound Effects Library for New Sound Designers

Are you a recent graduate from a film school or sound design program?  For those budding new sound editors and mixers who may have a small budget to invest in their sound library but not quite the budget of a full fledged post production house, we have listed five of the best sound effects libraries that will cover your audio post production needs without breaking the bank.

1. wavFX Mini $199 (USB or download)  **Our Choice for the Best Overall Sound Effects Library for New Sound Designers (with consideration towards price, quality and number of sounds)

This super cool sound effects library truly covers all of your basic sound design needs.  It is the best of the best of the best, distilling the 34,000 sound-filled Blastdrive into a mini collection of just 1000 sounds.  Ambiences, Foley, Glitches, LFE, Aircraft, Weather, Shimmers… there’s a little bit of everything.

2. Super Sampler $129

Super Sampler is a tidy bundle of 857 sound effects designed to maximize content, versatility and coverage for those new sound designers out there.  With just a single CD worth of sounds you’ll be covered for any basic sound design project.  Plus, who can resist that swirly, colorful CD artwork!!

3. Podcaster $59 (DVD)  $49 (download)

Podcaster is a compact collection geared towards web sound designers and editors. It includes 536 high quality mp3s, useful for podcasting, web design, or even sound editing for web-only projects.  Podcaster is a mix of general sound effects like animals, cartoon sfx and cars as well as imaging and production elements like whooshes, ascends and even a handful of loopable beats.  One of the best multimedia sound effects library around!

4. Sound Designer’s Tool Kit 2 $450 – sale price (DVDs)

This library, by Hollywood Edge, features 1600 sounds in categories ranging from explosions to whooshes, weather to animals.  There are even some musical elements ranging from solo instruments to orchestral arrangements.  It’s a well-rounded library and delivered on DVDs.

5. Blastwave Imaging Elements $499 (DVD or download)

Imaging Elements are sound effects that have slight musical tones to them, such as stingers, hits, drones, LFE (low frequency effects) etc.  The Blastwave Imaging Elements sound effects library includes a wealth of sounds you can use to smooth transitions in commercials, sweeten punches or explosions in film sound design, or even as elements for musical compositions.  It’s versatile, hip, high definition (24/96) and even available as a download.  Imaging Elements is a foundational must for any new sound designer getting their sound library up and running.

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