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Published on November 2nd, 2010 | by PSE

The Best Sound Effects Library for New Sound Designers

Are you a recent grad­u­ate from a film school or sound design pro­gram?  For those bud­ding new sound edi­tors and mix­ers who may have a small bud­get to invest in their sound library but not quite the bud­get of a full fledged post pro­duc­tion house, we have listed five of the best sound effects libraries that will cover your audio post pro­duc­tion needs with­out break­ing the bank.

WAV FX Mini 200px The Best Sound Effects Library for New Sound Designers1. wavFX Mini $199 (USB or down­load)  **Our Choice for the Best Over­all Sound Effects Library for New Sound Design­ers (with con­sid­er­a­tion towards price, qual­ity and num­ber of sounds)

This super cool sound effects library truly cov­ers all of your basic sound design needs.  It is the best of the best of the best, dis­till­ing the 34,000 sound-filled Blast­drive into a mini col­lec­tion of just 1000 sounds.  Ambi­ences, Foley, Glitches, LFE, Air­craft, Weather, Shim­mers… there’s a lit­tle bit of everything.

si super smplr The Best Sound Effects Library for New Sound Designers2. Super Sam­pler $129

Super Sam­pler is a tidy bun­dle of 857 sound effects designed to max­i­mize con­tent, ver­sa­til­ity and cov­er­age for those new sound design­ers out there.  With just a sin­gle CD worth of sounds you’ll be cov­ered for any basic sound design project.  Plus, who can resist that swirly, col­or­ful CD artwork!!

Podcaster 200px The Best Sound Effects Library for New Sound Designers

3. Pod­caster $59 (DVD)  $49 (download)

Pod­caster is a com­pact col­lec­tion geared towards web sound design­ers and edi­tors. It includes 536 high qual­ity mp3s, use­ful for pod­cast­ing, web design, or even sound edit­ing for web-only projects.  Pod­caster is a mix of gen­eral sound effects like ani­mals, car­toon sfx and cars as well as imag­ing and pro­duc­tion ele­ments like whooshes, ascends and even a hand­ful of loopable beats.  One of the best mul­ti­me­dia sound effects library around!

he sdtoolkit2 The Best Sound Effects Library for New Sound Designers

4. Sound Designer’s Tool Kit 2 $450 – sale price (DVDs)

This library, by Hol­ly­wood Edge, fea­tures 1600 sounds in cat­e­gories rang­ing from explo­sions to whooshes, weather to ani­mals.  There are even some musi­cal ele­ments rang­ing from solo instru­ments to orches­tral arrange­ments.  It’s a well-rounded library and deliv­ered on DVDs.

Blastwave 200px The Best Sound Effects Library for New Sound Designers5. Blast­wave Imag­ing Ele­ments $499 (DVD or download)

Imag­ing Ele­ments are sound effects that have slight musi­cal tones to them, such as stingers, hits, drones, LFE (low fre­quency effects) etc.  The Blast­wave Imag­ing Ele­ments sound effects library includes a wealth of sounds you can use to smooth tran­si­tions in com­mer­cials, sweeten punches or explo­sions in film sound design, or even as ele­ments for musi­cal com­po­si­tions.  It’s ver­sa­tile, hip, high def­i­n­i­tion (24/96) and even avail­able as a down­load.  Imag­ing Ele­ments is a foun­da­tional must for any new sound designer get­ting their sound library up and running.

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