Published on March 5th, 2013 | by David Forshee

Stock Market Bell to End a Record-Setting Day for the Dow

This stock mar­ket bell marks the begin­ning and end­ing of each day of trad­ing at the New York Stock Exchange.  Inter­est­ingly it was’t always a bell.  Orig­i­nally, the sound of a gavel was used, then in the 1800′s the sound of a gong marked the begin­ning and end of trad­ing. But, in 1903 when the NYSE moved into its cur­rent loca­tion at 18 Broad St., the bell was used in place of the gong.

With the Dow Jones indus­trial aver­age hit­ting an all-time high, I imag­ine that some of us will hear this sound on tele­vi­sion and radio pro­grams today!

This sound comes from the wavFX Pro­duc­tion Suite by Blast­wave FX!

 Stock Market Bell to End a Record Setting Day for the Dow

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