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Your students deserve access to a professional sound and music library, with a workflow that empowers them to create with excellence and bring their stories to life. We’ll help you train them today in a way that sets them up for success tomorrow.

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When you’re studying film, game design, or any other form of media arts, the tools you use today equip you for success tomorrow.


When you’re a department chair or in any administrative role, the right partner for your institution makes all the difference.


When you’re a librarian, your mission is to equip students with the right resources at their disposal.


When you’re an instructor, the right tools make your job easier and set students up for success.

Working without the right tools is frustrating

Avoid these pitfalls that occur in programs without the proper resources:


Use of unlicensed content

The use of unlicensed content can result in legal issues, and reflects negatively on your institution’s reputation.


Subpar work

Providing outdated resources fails to stimulate your students imagination and creativity, leading to subpar work and less engagement.


Creating bad habits

It’s your job to prepare your students for the professional world - that means giving them access to professional tools.


Wasted time

Depriving your students of an efficient sound library workflow leads to them wasting hours on repetitive tasks rather than delving deeper into their budding creativity.

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Delivering experience for students at the Academy of Art University

"When the pandemic hit in 2020, PSE was able to provide a bit of a lifeline to keep the school’s audio program in operation with cloud-based access to their sound effects library.”

— Brad Hughes

Director, School of Music and Sound Design for Visual Media, Academy of Art University

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