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Who We Are

Pro Sound Effects is a founder-led, self-funded, small business that is a leading force in the industry.

A true passion for sound and its storytelling power is at the core of who we are and what we do, as our sounds show up in our favorite TV shows, films, games, clips, ads, and more. The excitement of hearing them never gets old. Never.

Got a few minutes? Listen to our CEO on this podcast help the hosts track down a very bizarre sound.

PSE is a conscious business, giving back to aspiring professionals, our community, the environment, and the planet. As such, we contribute a portion of our revenue to:

How We Work

We help creators bring their ideas to life through sound.

We’re “scrappy” (a.k.a. agile, creative, resourceful, adaptive), and at the same time “classy” (a.k.a. organized, purposeful, clear, efficient) and we’re proud of that. Our “Bennifer” name is obviously “Clappy” but we don’t go around saying that. We have little tolerance for bureaucratic bottlenecks, resistance to change, or voices left unheard. We are small by design, highly virtualized, and tech-savvy. Oh, and we’re a sh*t load of fun. Just ask any one of us.

We pioneered the remote workforce back in 2004, and our employees are trusted to design and optimize their days to leverage their best selves. We offer lots of freedom, balanced by dashboards, KPIs, OKRs, and a culture of accountability. Put simply: we don’t care when you do your work or where you do it from, as long as it meets or exceeds the expectations we’ve set. We’re all about results.

Our Values


We are Accountable

We take responsibility for our actions, our behaviors, and the outcomes; we follow up and we follow through.


We are Professional

We come prepared and show up ready. We are proactive about the future, and we use data to inform our decision. We close the loop.


We are Communicators

We provide space for all voices. We invite differing opinions, and we strive to gain others’ respect.


We are Human

We show up authentically, engage passionately, work through tension with compassion, and find fun amidst the intensity of our work; sound itself is our source of connection.


Want to Live Your Best Life?

There is life at work and there is life outside of work. We want everyone to be healthy, happy, and to be treated fairly, so they can pursue their passions.

Unlimited Paid Time Off

Flexible Work Arrangements

Fair-Market Compensation

Healthcare Benefits

Fully Paid Annual Company Retreat

401k Retirement Plan

Interested? Tell us about yourself!

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