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The Ultimate Audio Dataset for ML & AI

Level up your AI innovations with 1 million+ sounds tagged with human-created metadata.

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Powering audio intelligence for leading Machine Learning & Audio Research teams

Inside our Audio Data

Sound effects

  • 1,000,000+ discrete sounds

  • 400,000+ sound effects files

  • 4,200+ hours of audio recordings

  • 5.5 TB of data

  • 600+ categories across the sonic spectrum

  • Rich, uniform, human-created metadata


  • 20,000+ music tracks & stems

  • 650+ hours of music content

Deliver the Smartest Sonic Experiences Possible

Make sure you have the most robust and highest quality audio data available to ensure your AI performs to its potential. Applications include:

Speech Recognition

Speech Processing

Voice Recognition

Environmental Sound Recognition

Machine Perception

Machine Hearing

Active Noise Cancellation

Audio Source Separation

VR & Gaming

Generative Audio (GenAI)

Text to Sound Effects

Non-generative AI

Fueling High-Quality Machine Learning Applications

“The breadth of audio scenes gives us great coverage for training our speech recognition algorithms, enabling us to better future-proof products.”

Cyprian Wronka
— Cyprian Wronka

Technical Lead, Cisco