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100% Royalty-Free for Individuals, Teams, and Schools


Leading media producers around the world rely on PSE

Turner, VICE, and Electronic Arts license our sounds to create award-winning movies, TV shows, video games, and more. Our libraries provide inspiration and peace of mind, with simple licensing that allows unlimited usage and total creative freedom. You own what you make. 100% royalty-free.  

Whether you’re a freelancer, an individual at a company, or working with a team - we offer flexible licensing and purchasing options to best suit your creative and financial needs. Explore the possibilities below, and if you’d like to speak with a licensing pro to get custom guidance and recommendations you can contact us anytime.

Our Licensing Plans  


  •  Freelancers working independently
  •  Companies with just 1 person working with audio 


Multi-User Teams

  •  For companies with multiple people or teams working with sound.

Academic / Non-Commercial

  •  Best for schools and nonprofit organizations.

What’s a “User?” “User” means any person at your company who downloads, manipulates, edits, modifies or saves the sound effects; is directly involved in the creative process utilizing sound effects; or incorporates the sound effects within any work.  

School? Contact us at education@prosoundeffects, call (646) 706-7728 x10, or complete the form below to learn about solutions. 

Our license allows for 


Commercial Synchronization

All Media 


Unlimited usage by 1 User


  • Manipulate the sound effects files however you like: Eg. edit, transpose, pitch-shift, reverse, 
  • Layer with other sounds
  • Synchronize with video or other sonic elements
  • Use sound effects as part of commercial or production music
  • Create copies of sound effects files to optimize your workflow and have emergency backup. Not to distribute to an unlicensed 3rd party. 


  • Re-sell sound effects files in any way
  • Make raw sound effects files available to a 3rd party in any way.
  • Sell as ringtones or incorporate raw sound effects files as part of a web or app-based soundboard
  • Bundle sounds in physical products such as toys or wearable tech.
  • Create copies of sound effects to provide to an unlicensed 3rd party 

Working on a toy, app, or game? Email to make sure you're covered. 

Purchasing Options

Choose the purchasing option that best suits your team and budget

Perpetual Buyout License

Ideal for Individuals and small teams

Annual Blanket License

Ideal for companies with multiple users

  •  Flat, Annual fee covers unlimited usage 
  •  Customize deal to your unique specs with a PSE Licensing pro 
  •  Allows for full legal review 
  • View MULA Principal Terms

If you’re not sure which license or purchase type is best for you, contact us any time for expert advice from our team. 

ProSoundEffects Licenses to

"PSE set us up with a multi-­user license for the Master Library - it's affordably structured and gives our sound designers access to a great range of quality material!"

Lee Banyard Audio Director 

"PSE’s Master Library is a cornerstone of our library with custom licensing making it available to 60+ sound designers located across 14 studios worldwide."

Ben Minto Audio Director

 "[Working with PSE] has increased the quality of my clients projects in such a drastic way that they don't want to use anyone else for their sound needs!"

James Findlay Sound Designer

Industries We Serve 


Video Games 

Audio Post






Our General Libraries

Here are our most popular general libraries.

Odyssey Essentials

Master Library

Are you with a multi-user company or team and looking for more info and pricing?  

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Are you an individual or representing a company with just one user? 

Feel free to browse our site for general libraries or individual downloads, and complete the normal checkout process for an individual or 1-user license.

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