Month: July 2010

Peter Tyack: The intriguing sound of marine mammals

July 13, 2010 by PSE in Sound Effects

If you liked the sounds of BBC’s Planet Earth, you’ll love this video. It’s an interesting glimpse into marine sounds of the deep blue. Peter Tyack of Woods Hole talks about the amazing ways whales use sound and song to communicate across hundreds of miles of ocean. (Peter Tyack studies …

Sounds from the BBC Planet Earth Sound Effects Listening Party

July 3, 2010 by PSE in BBC Sound Effects Library, Events and Parties, Sound Effects

Pro Sound Effects hosted the first BBC Planet Earth Sound Effects Listening Party this past week (July 2010) in NYC. The purpose was to gather together people from diverse backgrounds, listen to animal sounds from around the world, and via an Interactive Brain Panel, BrainBarnStorm ideas relating to interactive applications, installations, artistic and business application of this Massive archive.