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Sound Effects in the Classroom: PSE at Campus Technology Conference 2012

July 20, 2012 by Administrator in Events and Parties, Interactive Media, Library Reviews, Sound Effects, Sound Effects Licensing, Trade Shows, Uncategorized

Sound effects and audio libraries have traditionally been an overlooked aspect of higher education. That’s something Pro Sound Effects was looking to change at this year’s  Campus Technology Conference in Boston; PSE exhibited exhibited our Online Library, currently used by Texas A&M and Elon University, among others, and PSE President Douglas Price presented a poster session exploring the applications of …

World Listening Day 2012: Pro Sound Effects Celebrates at Campus Technology 2012

July 18, 2012 by Administrator in Events and Parties, Free Sounds, Interactive Media, Sound Effects, Trade Shows

Today is Wednesday, July 18ty. That means that the PSE team is spending its final day at this year’s Campus Technology Conference in Boston’s Seaport World Trade Center. But today also marks World Listening Day— in Boston and everywhere else. World Listening Day calls attention to our sonic environment, or soundscape. It’s a …

Subscribe To Pro Sound Effects on YouTube

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  Subscribe to the Pro Sound Effects on YouTube for inside looks at the PSE team and video tutorials like this one: a tour through that demos the Pro Sound Effects Store, shows where to grab individual downloads, and explains our licensing solutions and custom services and consultation.

Pro Sound Effects In Action – Mike’s Hard Lemonade (Grey Advertising)

July 3, 2012 by Administrator in Events and Parties, Interactive Media, Sound Design, Sound Effects, Sound Effects Licensing, Uncategorized

Here’s wishing a happy 4th of July, and a chance to put some Pro Sound Effects into action!

Pro Sound Effects Exhibiting at Campus Technology Education Technology Conference

July 2, 2012 by Administrator in Events and Parties, Sound Effects, Trade Shows

We’re excited to be a part of the upcoming Campus Technology Conference hitting Boston this month, July 16-19th. This will be the 19th year for the CT conference, which paves the way in broadcasting the bleeding edge of digital trends for campus tech professionals year in and year out. More than 50 …

The Pro Sound Effects Store vs. The Online Library: What’s Best For You?

June 26, 2012 by Administrator in How-To, Interactive Media, Lists, Sound Effects, Sound Librarian

This post provides an overview of the two options for searching and harnessing the PSE Master Library: the PSE Store, where catalogs and collections can be purchased, and our Online Library, offering individual downloads.   Have you created an account on the Pro Sound Effects homepage, only to be asked to …

Featured Sound Effects Library: Soundrangers, by Develop

June 14, 2012 by Administrator in Interactive Media, Interviews, Library Reviews, Sound Design, Sound Effects, Uncategorized

Develop recently ran a feature on Soundrangers outlining what makes the library great for feature films, but great for video game developers. Check out the piece, which features Soundrangers co-founder and sound designer Barry Dowsett.

Strange Places to Plant and Hide Lav Microphones

June 12, 2012 by Laura Sinnott in Sound Effects, Sound Recording

In my years of recording sound effects and dialogue for film and commercial production I have hidden microphpones, mostly lav microphones, in all kinds of places (as I’m sure most sound recordists have). I’ve planted microphones in a tree branch in a West Virginia field, a toilet bowl to record …

Space Sound Design With Full Circle Werks’ Chris Wiseman Interview

May 18, 2012 by Administrator in Interviews, Sound Design, Sound Effects

It was a breezy Thursday morning last month when New Yorkers and Jerseyans clambered to their office windows as the nation tuned in to catch space shuttle Enterprise make its final flight over Manhattan. The following day, in far away Germany, Chris Wiseman uploaded this short: a NASA video simulation …

Pro Sound Effects Library Interview: The Top Finalists from the AudioDraft Audio Logo Contest

April 26, 2012 by Administrator in BBC Sound Effects Library, Contests, Interviews, Sound Design, Sound Effects

The top three finishers from PSE’s recent audio logo contest, sponsored by AudioDraft,reflect on their experiences crafting PSE’s new sound logo by taking us inside the process.