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Fundamental general sound effects from across the globe.

15,813 files · 32.93 GB · Metadata

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Car Ford Focus 2009 Acceleration Engine Bay

Vehicles · Car

Underwater, Bubbles, Burst, Long

Ambience · Underwater

Ambient Drone Slow Sweep

Swooshes · Whoosh

Group of Birds, Apostle Bird, Call, Squawk, Vocalization

Birds · Misc

Blacksmith Tongs Into Forge

Tools · Hand

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Build your personal sound library from the ground up with the diverse recordings of Foundation. This collection was created to serve as the bedrock of your sound effects collection. With sounds captured across Australia, Asia, Europe and North America by game sound design expert Stephan Schütze, this collection features contemporary recordings from an array of categories including: vehicles, industrial machinery, domestic sounds, animal sounds, natural elements such as wind and water, musical instruments, ambiences and more.

In addition, this collection also includes thousands of audio design elements for an infinite amount of sound design possibilities. With materials including wood, metal, glass and stone, actions such as impacts, scrapes, shatters and breaks, and abstract elements like sweeps, drones, pulses and surges, you'll have everything you need to craft inspired sounds for any project.

Note: This library was formerly titled The Foundation Collection by Sound Librarian.

Product details

15,813 files (32.93 GB)
Categories (UCS)
291 categories
Content list
24-bit/48kHz WAV files
Works with any editing software or search software that supports WAV files
Stephan Schütze (Sound Librarian)

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