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Ensure your clients have the sound effects library they need to take their productions to the Next Level - and make money at the same time.

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Help Your Clients take their productions to the Next Level

We are dedicated to providing the best, most continually updated and flexible sound effects library available. Our reviews, client feedback and customer list stand alone. PSE Resellers is an integral part of our Mission to provide media creators of all types with access to the richest sonic palette available.

If you think you can help get PSE Libraries into the right hands and enjoy great margins, please Apply. Whether you are systems integrator, web store, a stock media distributor, or professional media reseller, we want to hear from you.

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  • Make More Money!

    Simple, High Margin Product Line.
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    Our reviews speak for themselves.
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From a single-download to niche libraries,
Hybrid or 3TB Master Library…

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We provide industry-specific solutions. Annual vs Buyout Options for 1 user to 1000’s. You always participate, whether it is a 1-user Hybrid Library sale ($3,995),  a 10-user annual Master Library license for on a Soundminer server $5995/yr), or 10,000 students accessing our Online Library (Apply).

  • Best Value 1-User General Library
    The Hybrid Library
  • Most Popular Multi-User General Library
    The Master Library
  • Most Popular for that 1 missing sound now
    Online Library Credit
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The variety on this hard drive is fantastic. A couple of blind spots I’ve had continuous complaints with for Sound Ideas and Hollywood Edge were a lack of updated tech/sci-fi sounds, game interaction sounds, whooshes, animals, and clean sounding small Foley. The Hybrid Library contains an abundant amount of all these effects … and I can already see this will be a boon to my sanity.
– Natalie Van Sistine

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Make More Money!

Simple, High Margin Product Line

Sell Simply the Best!

Our reviews speak for themselves

Fast Fulfillment!

We ship within 24 hours

Please More Clients!

Quick quotes, trials, multi-option proposals

Dedicated Sales Support

Quick quotes, trials, multi-option proposals

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