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Not All Sound Effects Libraries are Created Equal

As a creator, it’s your job to transform unique stories and ideas into reality. One of the essential elements to creating a new reality is the sounds your audience hears.

Unfortunately, most creators are working with a sound library that is just “good enough.” It’s frustrating to waste countless hours trying to find that perfect sound. Most creators end up settling and can’t shake the feeling of disappointment in their final product.

You deserve a library and workflow that empowers you to bring your story to life.

GET ACCESS Solutions Starting at $599/yr

Find the Right Sound With Ease

GET ACCESS Solutions Starting at $599/yr

You should never have to settle for sounds that are just “good enough.”


That’s why our library is made up of sounds exclusively from the best recordists in the world. With over 800,000 sounds crafted by Academy Award®-winners and elite sound artists, you have everything you need to find the right sounds for any project.

With our CORE Libraries and SoundQ Teams Solutions, production has never been more streamlined. You have the richest sonic palette paired with the smartest workflow software to bring you the ultimate sound production toolset.

If you already have workflow software you love, CORE’s UCS-optimized metadata will seamlessly integrate with any. Whether you’re updating your aging collections or just starting to build your library, CORE will ensure you have the right sounds for your production needs.

Your unlimited, royalty-free license agreement will give you extensive rights and can be customized to your unique needs.

Once you’re on board, all of the work you create with your library is fully covered. You can create with total peace of mind and assurance that the work you deliver is in the clear and your sonic needs are met.

Working Without the Right Tools is Frustrating

We understand the frustrations that come when you need to create an entirely new world, but you don’t have the sound to bring it to life.

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GET ACCESS Solutions Starting at $599/yr
Jessica Gramuglia
Jessica Gramuglia
Director of Business Affairs, Music
Condé Nast

“We love working with PSE. They have the widest variety of sounds that really benefit the different brands and content we are producing on a daily basis. The platform is user friendly, providing such a smooth process for finding the right sound effect. My editors rarely need assistance because they find the platform so easy to use.”

Brad Hughes
Director, School of Music Production & Sound Design for Visual Media

“Storytelling and emotion are at the heart of what we do here. If you’re going to work in this industry you need to know what sound effects libraries are and how to use them. Pro Sound Effects gives our students hands on experience with the same tools the pros do, both on-campus and online.”

Grant Elder
Supervising Sound Editor

“After a quick and easy setup, I was blown away at how seamless the implementation was into our everyday workflow. SoundQ’s user-focused design and robust cloud-based library makes it a must-have for any team looking to boost creativity and efficiency.”

How to Get Started with Pro Sound Effects


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If you like what you see, we’ll do the paperwork, and you’ll be off to the races. With access to over 800,000 sounds and a completely streamlined production process, you have a sound library that functions as an extension of your creativity.

GET ACCESS Solutions Starting at $599/yr