The Expansion 1 Reviews Are In!

January 28, 2014 by David Forshee in Hybrid Library, Library Reviews

The Expansion 1 Reviews Are In!

Since the curation of the sounds in Expansion 1 was based on surveys of Hybrid Library owners, we are very happy to get positive feedback from the Hybrid Library community!

Here are a few notes we’ve received from current Hybrid Library owners that purchased Expansion 1:

“Got the new Hybrid Expansion 1 – wonderful stuff. Has already come in the clutch a number of times. Thanks again – I look forward to Expansion 2!”
-Joel Raabe

“Really love the quality and care that you put into your SFX. They make all the difference when it comes to getting
a job done right. Been in the business a long time and am happy to have found you guys!.”

-Bryant Falk, Abacus Audio

“I really like using your library, it’s been perfect for me so far :)”
-Sylvester Holm

“Thanks! PSE has been awesome for me over the last year, I am using it extensively.”
-Andrew Mottl

Learn more about The Hybrid Library and Expansion 1 in the video below:

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